Occupying Space: 50 Years of Asian Women on the Hill

Ella Woei ’26

Staff Writer

This Sunday, Advocating Student Interest in Asia (A.S.I.A.), along with co-sponsors: Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Asian Studies Program, and the 50th Anniversary of Co-Education Committee, hosted “Occupying Space,” an event celebrating 50 years of Asian women at Holy Cross.

The concept of this panel was produced by Maile Sit ’25, A.S.I.A.’s co-publicist and a member of the 50th Anniversary of Co-Education Committee. When asked about her motive for creating the event, she stated  “I wanted to create a space for Asian women to share their experiences, and have honest dialogue about the struggles Asian women have faced.” 

The panelists featured three alums and a current senior: Linda Luke Lee Esq. ’78, former professor Margaret Wong, Eve Smith ’21, and Megan Lorenz ’23. These women represent five decades of diverse Holy Cross experiences, each with their own unique narrative that have influenced and shaped their identities.

On the morning of the event, the panelists had the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other over coffee. During the panel, the four women were interviewed about their years at the college. They discussed experiences such as their academics, social life, and 

Lee ’78 is the first Asian woman to graduate from Holy Cross. Linda grew up in Chinatown, then entered Holy Cross in one of the first classes of women to matriculate. Following her academic career at the college, she attended Georgetown Law, had an incredibly successful career in corporate law, and currently teaches at an elementary school. Linda says that now, she is doing exactly what she wants to do, and has been able to combine her interests in teaching and law.

Wong, an expert in 18th-century British Literature, taught at Holy Cross from 1992 to 2000. She is now a professor at Quinsigamond Community College, and the president of the Massachusetts Community College Council. Margaret hails from a small town in Wyoming, and has devoted her life to her ardent passion for English. She is not only a highly accomplished academic, but also a leader for professors in Massachusetts.

Smith ’21 is a recent Economics graduate who currently works in finance in Boston. Additionally, Eve is a proud alumni of the varsity swim team. She looks fondly upon her years on the team, and feels that it was an incredible support system throughout her time at the college. 

Lorenz ’23 is a current senior studying Mathematics and Health Studies. Next year, she will be working as a Benefits Consulting Analyst in Southborough, Massachusetts. Megan is an extremely active member on campus, and has enjoyed being a part of A.S.I.A. since her sophomore year. 

Occupying Space allowed the panelists to have insightful conversations about the Asian experience at Holy Cross. Furthermore, they were able to share their own anecdotes and advice to current students and faculty in attendance. Following the event, a reception was held, where they were able to have conversations with the guests. Overall, the event was extremely successful, connecting the students of Holy Cross with fifty years of legacies of women on the Hill. Panelist Megan Lorenz ’23 reflects “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and be in community with other Asian women through Occupying Space. Their authenticity, resilience, and conviction will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on me for years to come.”

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