Reveal Night Kicks off Spring Break Immersion Season

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

Image courtesy of Caroline Muniz ’23
Spring Break Immersion Program Poster

A long lasting Holy Cross tradition continues with the Spring Break Immersion Program hosting their annual “Reveal Night” for the 2023 spring break season. Students were able to celebrate their upcoming trips by coming together with the leaders and participants of the Spring Break Immersion Program. 

Spring Break Immersion emphasizes the importance of building relationships with the people that students meet in the various communities. Although students within this program participate in service and volunteer work, the program’s mission is not to make a difference but rather to “wonder how people are doing.” Students in the Spring Break Immersion program set out to exemplify the Holy Cross mission of being “people for and with others.” Co-Chair Claire Tobin ‘23 described the experience of Spring Break Immersion as “foundational to a student’s Holy Cross experience.”

The Reveal Night is an opportunity for students in the program to meet their team leaders as well as the other students that they will be traveling with. The groups will be able to meet up two other times before their programs begin, and they will be able to form unbreakable bonds. Co-Chair Colleen Shertel ‘23 describes that “what makes Reveal night so exciting is that it is truly the start of relationships that I know will enrich my time at Holy Cross in ways I could have never imagined.”

Emily Rauer Davis, Associate Chaplain and Director of Domestic Immersions, was able to begin the night by introducing Co-Chairs Claire Tobin, Maggie Hannick, and Colleen Shertel. They described the mission of the program and its history. It began in 1976 with a group of students in a van to Kentucky, and since then, students have been able to travel across the country to express solidarity, spirituality, and mutuality to those they meet. Maggie Hannick ‘23 was able to thank the reveal committee as well as Rauer Davis for their work to make the night happen. 

Adelaide Valley and Daisy Fanter revealed the group leaders and sites. They did so with great enthusiasm and energy. Each reveal included an opening song and information about each leader,featuring various fun facts and hot takes. They created even more excitement for what is to come in March. 

Students were given a specific card featuring an album cover that corresponded with the site that they will be visiting in March. During the reveal night, students were able to get excited about who would be leading their group by seeing their album cover on the screen before their group leaders would be revealed. 

After the reveals, each group met in their own rooms and spaces to introduce themselves to one another and learn more about what their site entails. Students will soon be embarking on a journey that will greatly impact their character and their Holy Cross experience.

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