Week-Long Food and Faith at Campion House

Nicole Letendre ‘23

Chief Features Editor

Through the week of 11/7-11/11, the Holy Cross Chaplains Office, situated in Campion House, organized and hosted a week-long event celebrating food from other cultures. The event was aptly named Food and Faith, and it presented students with the opportunity to experience the traditional dishes of various cultures. Food is traditionally associated with family and cultural identity, and Campion House did a lovely job celebrating recipe contributions. 

On Monday, Campion served Vitel Toné, an Italian dish typically made during the Christmas season in Argentina. Also served on Monday was Rosca de Pascua (Easter Crown bread), which is a deliciously sweet, circular bread that is representative of the crown of Jesus and resurrection. On Tuesday, the menu included southern baked mac and cheese, pecan bourbon pie, and vasilopita (New Year’s Bread). Then on Wednesday, Jewish dishes such as kugel, potato latke, and rugelach were served. 

On Thursday, Campion House presented the Spanish dessert cookie polvorones, traditionally served at weddings and now more commonly during the holiday season. They were initially discovered in Andalusia, going back to the 16th century, and they were made as a result of the excess of cereal and lard. Polvorones became increasingly popular in Spain beginning in 1870. In addition, mole was served alongside the Spanish polvorones. Mole is a sauce made from various spices and chocolate, commonly served alongside rice. Mole is often made for events such as patron saint festivals, weddings, quinceñeras, baptisms, the day of the dead, as well as after funeral services. Mole is indicative of community, representing love and togetherness. Many stories attempt to explain the origins of mole, one which claims a convent in Puebla frantically made the dish with available ingredients, in anticipation of a visit from the archbishop. Another story claims Moctezuma made Cortes the dish when he arrived in Mexico, believing he was a god. Regardless, many continue to enjoy the delicious dish and gathering of community. 

Overall, the Campion House Food and Faith event was a wonderful display of cultural dishes and building of community around food. Students and Chaplain’s Office staff provided many of the recipes that were made throughout the week. Hopefully, students that attended this event have learned more about other cuisines and may even prepare a homemade dish for themselves or their family!

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