Seniors Gear Up For Senior Ball    

Will Muller ‘23

Staff Writer

Like prom, but make it purple.

This Friday, the pajamas-to-class crowd will have the pleasure of donning suits and dresses to this year’s Senior Ball. This year’s rendition is being held at the DCU center, but the annual event will look much the same: couples and friend groups will gather at the Fenwick steps for the traditional photo-op and an expected amount of non-dancing will take place. Still, unless you’re already ordering dresses and renting suits for next semester’s 100 days ball, the Senior Ball is a long awaited celebration of the more than three years seniors have spent on the Hill. 

Things may look a little different this year because of the different setting: the DCU Center is homebase for some of the country’s biggest acts that pass through Worcester. This year, the seniors will actually be preceding Rod Wave, who will be performing the next night. Students will be transported by the school to the Center on Friday via college buses (they’re required to actually) where they will be greeted with a DCU ballroom, a meal, and plenty of refreshments. 

The event is hosted by the Office of Student Involvement, which also has their hands in different campus activities like “The Edge” and “Senior Week.” Senior week itself isn’t for a while, but it’s an important tradition nonetheless. During this week, seniors will be able to enjoy the best food and drinks that the campus, and the greater Massachusetts area, has to offer. However, the Senior Ball itself has a handful of seniors sponsoring it. The Senior Council is made up of Jacob Azzi, the senior class president, his vice president Andre Villarba, Andrew Parsons, the class treasurer, and Sarah Kosakowski, the class secretary. The council itself recognizes what the Class of ‘23 has lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has a schedule of various events they hope will bring those main character moments to our final year on the hill. This includes Senior Week in May and the 100 Days Ball (TBD), as well as some closely approaching events like Senior Convocation in January. 

So, as the brief relaxation hole offered by fleeting midterms turns into pre-Thanksgiving stress and a final’s week meltdown, at least seniors can enjoy one night out on the town with the on-campus neighbors they will soon call fellow alumni. Seniors were able to purchase tickets for $90 last week, some of whom bought two for their partner. Some people, like Bryan Crue ‘23, are bringing off-campus dates: “It’s a great way to show my date the campus and drive through Worcester, plus she’ll be able to meet all the people that I’ve spent the last three years with.”

Image courtesy of DCU Center website

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