Iphigenia Play: Interview with Andrew Murphy ‘23

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor

I had the opportunity to interview a senior, Andrew Murphy ‘23, about the upcoming play: Iphigenia. Murphy has been an involved member of the theater program since his first year at Holy Cross, and he was able to share some more information about what audience members can expect from the play this fall. The play was actually written in Greek by Euripides; however, the theater program was able to collaborate with the Classics Department Professor Mary Ebbott to have it translated into English. Murphy gave some background on the play, stating that it is “set in Greece prior to the Trojan war in which the Greeks are left without wind, unable to sail to the city of Troy.” One of the characters in the play, General Agamemnon, must make the decision of whether or not he wants to sacrifice his oldest daughter, Iphigenia, so that the Greeks can sail to Troy. Murphy plays the role of Pylades, and described his character as being “the best friend/sidekick of Iphigenia’s younger brother, Orestes.” 

Part of what makes this play so exciting — aside from the talents of the members of the theater department — is that it will be the first show that is performed in the new Prior Performing Arts Center! Murphy stated that he feels “honored” to be able to perform in the new Boroughs Theatre. He added, “the new theaters are beautiful, some of the best that I have seen.” The Boroughs Theatre provides the actors and set members with more options for lighting, sounds, and sets in comparison to the Fenwick Theatre. Murphy included that the new Prior Center will not only amplify the performance experience during shows, but it also helps with making rehearsals more productive. The new center has a variety of rooms for students to make use of. Murphy included that there are several rehearsal rooms, including a green room, and there is also a dance studio that the students make use of.

Murphy stated that he has thoroughly enjoyed working with Professor Ed Isser, the director of the show. Professor Isser has fostered an amazing, collaborative environment for students to let loose and come out of their shells to produce an amazing show for the Holy Cross community to enjoy. Murphy stated that the show intends to portray very gory scenes and included a warning that audience members should be aware of the violence that the play portrays in the event that some students may find these scenes unsettling. For those interested in seeing the play, its evening productions will take place from Nov. 3–5 and 10–12 at 7:30 p.m. The Matinee performances will be on Nov. 6 and 13 at 2:00 p.m. Holy Cross students and other members of the community can purchase tickets for $10. To purchase tickets, visit this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/department-of-theatre-and-dance-17798050310.

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