Afterimage Exhibit Highlights the Importance of an Open Mind

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

Gallery Photo by Caroline Muniz ‘23

Within the new Prior Performing Arts Center lies the Afterimage Exhibit in the Cantor Art Gallery. The artists include Michael Beatty, Rachelle Beaudoin, John Carney, Hillary Doyle, Colleen Fitzgerald, Matthew Gamber, Victor Pacheco, Cristi Rinklin, Susan Schmidt and Leslie Schomp. The Afterimage Exhibit explores themes surrounding, “the complexities of identity in contemporary society; the threat of climate change and need for immediate action; the dangers and hope of technology; the need for empathy and social responsibility.” These works are able to portray this theme by using different mediums of artistic technique. The exhibit showcased a variety of different pieces that included sculptures, murals, paintings and other works that use a combination of techniques. 

A longstanding tradition of these exhibits is that it features various works by the artists that are currently teaching within the field of studio arts at Holy Cross. The Holy Cross community is given the opportunity to interact with the artists through their art. What makes this exhibit unique is that each piece has been recently created. Some pieces were made specifically for this presentation while others were made long before its development. 

Cristi Rinklin
Long Lost, 2022
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Courtesy of Steven Zevitas Gallery

Cristi Rinklin, chair of the Visual Arts Department, was able to create multiple paintings by utilizing oil and acrylic on different surfaces such as aluminum. Although the paintings themselves reflect nature and the earth, the sharp contrast between these images and the strikes that move across the surface create an energetic piece of art. They were vibrant with color and were able to light up the entire room. 

There were also many large scale sculptures that captured your attention as soon as you entered the space. Some were hanging from the ceiling while others were hung along the walls. The artists utilized materials such as plywood, resin and more to create new shapes that further enhanced the modern theme. There were also unconventional materials featured in the exhibit such as a pool noodle or cloth. 

Colleen Fitzgerald
Land & Sea IV, 2017
Stamina Series
Pigment print, edition 2/5

Along the walls were videos that played stop motion visuals on a loop, which were pieces of art in themselves. These videos were able to highlight the struggles that women endure while trying to become what is considered the best versions of themselves. 

Photography was also featured within this exhibit, further examining the importance of modern art and creation. These photographs were manipulated into new shapes in order to create completely new images. They share the common theme of the ocean, however each one is unique in its shape and highlighted elements. 

The featured art is all interconnected within the theme that art has the power to expand one’s view of the world as well as the ability to sustain engagement with important issues. The exhibit will be featured in the Cantor Art Gallery until October 22nd. 

Featured flyer courtesy of Afterimage Exhibit

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