Holy Cross welcomes prospective families with open house

Gioia Guarino ’23

Staff Writer

Sept. 25 marked the beginning of a new year for admissions as Holy Cross offered the first of two of Open Houses, offered from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. Families anticipating their tours, asking questions, and enjoying complimentary refreshments filled the Hogan Center as I began my shift as a greeter. 

Greeting prospective students has provided a feeling of nostalgia as my senior year unavoidably flies by. The Hogan Ballroom was enhanced by conversation and registration, an environment I once experienced for the first time as a high school senior. Flash forward a short, unprecedented four years. The Outreach Team is both rewarding and convenient for a senior in college, meeting   biweekly for 45 minute shifts; I  can foster valuable relationships with inquisitive parents and eager prospective students. My goal is not only to boast Holy Cross’ many graces but to offer a welcoming environment; similar to the one I appreciated during my visit. 

The day’s itinerary involved numerous informative activities. At my position on Hogan floor three, I could easily direct many families to the ballroom for check-in (with their emailed QR code) alongside the extensive panels displayed by faculty and students. The ballroom catered coffees, juices, and a great selection of breakfast-appropriate pastries. From there, families were able to choose from various options listed on pamphlets and signs around Hogan. 

All tour routes began on Hogan floor one, notorious for the Cool Beans cafe and the school bookstore. When families were ready to tour, all they had to do was approach the table, as the sessions were ongoing throughout the event. While tour guides are the backbone of accurately displaying the campus grounds and answering questions, my place as an admissions greeter relies on interpersonal communication alongside factual college information. 

On Hogan floors three and four, numerous information sessions granted insights into the application process, student life, financial aid, and many more. Information sessions are a great way to get questions answered by those within specific departments, such as admissions or bursar offices. Speaking to professionals about financial and academic burdens made them feel more comfortable as the application deadlines approached. 

One prospective parent’s comment on the liveliness of the college stuck out to me. When leading him down to the Rehm Library, he mentioned how he had not toured the campus with his family since the winter during COVID-19 restrictions; a very isolated time for most. His emphasis on the community’s vibrancy made me realize how much progress has been made to restore normalcy into our lives on campus. This year’s turnout solidified my hope for future classes to experience a more linear college experience! 

Restoring the sense of community limited for so long; the college offered seating in the Hart Athletic Center alongside a catered lunch. Conversations and sharing a meal are feelings we as a community missed, and it was exceptional to witness. The Hoval was decorated with pumpkins, apple cider, and various fall-inspired goodies for those who just wanted a quick treat. Many prospective and current students took advantage of the festivities, resting near the firepits to enjoy the perfectly chill Sunday morning. 

Missed the opportunity to attend or help out? The next Open House will take place on Nov. 6, offering another chance to engage in the Holy Cross community. 

Photo by College of the Holy Cross

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