Sophomores Prepare for Study Abroad 

Owen Whaley ‘24

Features Editor 

Photo courtesy of the University of St. Andrews

Students at the College of the Holy Cross have unparalleled opportunities for academic and cultural immersion, with over forty study abroad programs in countries around the world. As the academic year comes to an end, many sophomores are preparing for the journey ahead. 

Emma Grayeb ‘24 will be attending the University of St. Andrews, a leading Scottish institution renowned for its lively and inspired community, brilliant faculty, and traditions, which include foam fights and late plunges into the North Sea. The history major is eager to study at the university forged over more than six centuries of excellence. 

“It is a rigorous institution, with an incredible history that I am interested in learning more about,” she tells me. “I am most looking forward to learning more about the culture in Scotland!” 

Ava Cloghessy ‘24 will be headed to University College Dublin. As one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Ireland, its graduates have gone on to become presidents, prime ministers, business leaders, and distinguished artists. “I want to experience what a large research university is like,” she says, “and to learn more about Irish politics.” A passionate dancer, Cloghessy hopes to fulfill a personal goal of performing internationally next year. “I plan to join UCD Dance Society,” she tells me, “and to take classes in the city at the Dance Theater of Ireland.” 

Kieran Corcoran ‘24 will also be studying at UCD. “I’ve been interested in going to Ireland for a long while,” he says. “Dublin is the capital and the largest city in Ireland, so being there will allow me to experience great history and nightlife all in the same city.” Corcoran hopes to gain new perspectives on the world and his place in it while abroad. “I’m really looking forward to learning more about myself and American culture,” he says. “There’s a famous saying that goes ‘You never know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone,’ so I’m interested to see what I’m holding onto in my life in the United States that may not be necessary to keep.” 

While the students will miss being at Holy Cross, they are confident in their decision to go abroad. “I’m already starting to miss some of my friends since I won’t see them for the entire fall semester,” Kieran tells me, “but I believe that the experience I will have abroad will make up for all of my concerns and be an overall amazing decision.” 

“Getting ready to leave is difficult, because I’m really going to miss all of my great friends at Holy Cross,” Grayeb says. “However, I’m also super excited to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity!” 

“I’m nervous and excited about getting ready to leave since I have never been this far away from home,” says Cloghessy. “I have this cool travel book about different places in Ireland that I enjoy flipping through to start planning!” 

All Holy Cross students in good academic and disciplinary standing are eligible to study abroad. For more information, visit holycross.edu/engaged-learning/study-abroad.

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