An Inside Look into Caroline and Isabella’s Crib

Rea Nassif ’24

Features Editor

Here, we have juniors Isabella Sampino and Caroline Kuhlman’s room, located in Carlin Hall. Upon entering the room, I was fascinated by the vibrant decorations and lively atmosphere. The way the room is set up is wonderful: the desks facing away from each other, the half-painted walls designating whose side is whose, and the contrast between the two roommates’ choice of decor. Particularly, the flowers in the center of the room surrounding their LED light caught my attention. I admire their decision to add a dresser in the center of their beds that works as a nightstand for the both of them. I think it makes the room appear more spacious and reveals how Caroline and Isabella are able to co-exist within this safe-space. 

Isabella Sampino and Caroline Kuhlman’s dorm room

After asking Isabella about her opinion regarding their room, I received a lot of insightful feedback that allowed me to gain a better understanding of these stylistic elements. She explains: “I love how big it is. It’s a corner room in Carlin, a six-man suite, and I feel like I have so much space—but that is coming from someone who lived in a tiny Lehy dorm room last year, so I guess anything is an upgrade.” She also adds, “I love how there are three huge windows in my room. I love sitting on my bed in the sunlight on a nice day, reading for classes and looking up and seeing my friends entering and exiting the building.” This reflection proves how this room is an open space that gives them an ability to live somewhere that projects positive vibes. 

Isabella and Caroline are clearly neat people who strive to keep their room a clean place to live. Personally, I am obsessed with the way in which the sun hits their room on a nice day, and when I was visiting, I never wanted to leave. The fact that Carlin is located near Kimball Dining Hall is also a nice touch because they are able to witness a diverse amount of people walking to get food. The roommates claim that it’s “extra fun to yell [their] friends’ names from the window when they walk by and watch them get all disoriented and confused.” This aspect of the room contributes to the friendly atmosphere and encourages me to attempt to live in this residence hall. After visiting Isabella and Caroline’s room, I left wanting to redecorate mine in a way to reflect the happiness and spaciousness of theirs.

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