A very SWEET St. Patrick’s Day

Nicole Letendre ‘23

Chief Features Editor

Photo courtesy of Nicole Letendre
SWEET people

On Friday, March 18, SWEET (Students Who Educate, Empower, and Train) hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Event on Hogan 1, where they handed out pistachio and walnut muffins to students and provided pamphlets on various retreats and worship services. All this was due to a partnership between the College of the Holy Cross Wellness Center and the Chaplains Office to promote healthy habits during St. Patrick’s Day. Joy LaGrutta, Assistant Director to Student Wellness Education and Angelo Canta, nSJ, a Jesuit novice in the Chaplains Office, supervised the event and provided students with facts on St. Patrick, as well as some healthy habits to practice during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend of celebrations and party scenes. Ms. LaGrutta offered students the chance to draw a card from the “Basket of strategies,” which contained tips on how to practice healthy habits, in particular to combat over-drinking. As students lined up on Hogan 1 to receive their tickets to 100 Days Ball, it was the perfect high-traffic setting to get students to take a minute to consider their own habits and hopefully consider their plan to stay safe during the weekend. Additionally, on Saturday, March 19, there was set to be a Friskie Fries Food Truck outside the Jo from 12-2 p.m., as part of a partnership between the Wellness Education Office and the Title IV Office to educate on hookup culture and safe relationships.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Letendre
SWEET table

Earlier in the week, SWEET gave away free Gatorades at the Jo Recreation and Wellness Center to emphasize the importance of hydration, especially when alcohol is involved. These initiatives were all intended to make students more aware of how to practice healthy habits and make their safety a priority, especially over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Not only were the muffins at the SWEET table delicious, but the whole event was such a nice way to be reminded of healthy habits to practice going into what was such a busy weekend. No matter how you chose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, whether going out or staying in, your safety and health should always be a top priority. These collaborations between various groups–The Wellness Center, Chaplains Office, RPE, and SWEET– advocate for the respect and safety of all people and emphasize the importance of health and wellness. If you stopped by any of these booths, hopefully you had a fun experience and maybe even learned something new! If you’re looking to get involved in any of these groups, there is information on MyHC, as well as on the Holy Cross website under Clubs & Organizations, or Office of the College Chaplains. If you’d like to keep up with the activities and events of SWEET (Students Who Educate, Empower, and Train), be sure to follow them on Instagram: hc_sweeteducators   

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