Singing Valentines: Would You Buy One?

Rea Nassif ‘24
Features Editor

“Just don’t make eye contact with them.” A phrase coming from an embarrassed first year at Kimball Dining Hall, someone who was scared they would be spotlighted in front of everyone with a singing valentine. Even though this statement seems daunting and as if the student was annoyed, this is the reality of people who were simply scared to be sung to in such a public space during dinner time. On Thursday and Friday of last week, the Delilahs conducted their first in-person singing valentines since COVID-19. To say it was a success is merely an understatement. For $3, one could receive one song, and for $5, one could receive two songs. Whether you were in quarantine, studying abroad, or simply wanted to make your loved one happy (or embarrassed), the Delilahs made this process easily accessible for anyone. Ranging from songs such as “Toxic” by Britney Spears and “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor, people were approached in either Kimball or Hogan by 12 excited girls, beaming with energy. While this may seem like such an easy process, the Delilahs had to free their schedules from 2:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Friday, not including the extra thirty minutes on the end of each day where students were encouraged to buy more after watching the performances. The group dynamic is so close that the girls had no issue with these long hours, as it only allowed them to get closer with new members. 

 Although some students were embarrassed, some loved being the center of attention. Not to mention, this also allowed faculty members to be involved. The Kimball workers thoroughly enjoyed these performances, claiming that they look forward to it every year. One of the best performances was dedicated to two very important ladies in Kimball who work endlessly to provide students with the lunch they receive every day. These individuals are extremely deserving of singing valentines, and it was the Delilahs’ pleasure to witness their faces light up when they received them. Senior Co-Chair Ally McGrath recounts this experience: “Something I love about singing for Delilahs is seeing the evolution of the group over the past four years. Through COVID and the transition back to in-person, the group has become closer than ever through exciting new gigs and weekly performances. I am so grateful for the experience to sing in-person again with my best friends.” The Delilahs have not let COVID ruin their experience as the only female acapella group on campus; they have persevered through the endless restrictions and this event reflects their determination to maintain such a positive environment. This group is constantly looking for ways to include students and faculty in their endeavors, and singing valentines was the perfect way to do so. 

Image courtesy of The Delilahs

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