Students Reflect on Christmas  

Owen Whaley ‘24
Features Editor 

Photo courtesy of John Cannon

“I love the Christmas season, and I’m so excited to spend time with my family and friends over Christmas break. I went home on Friday and helped my family decorate the Christmas tree, which is always such a joy. I also plan to attend Lessons & Carols on campus, and I’m super excited to hear all the beautiful music! I always enjoy seeing the amazing Christmas events going on around campus and in the residence halls. It really helps me to get into the holiday spirit! I’m the HRA of Lehy Hall, and the Hall Council and I have organized a toy drive, and we will be delivering the donations to a site around my hometown. To me, this season is about spending time with loved ones, slowing down to appreciate the joy in this season, and giving back to the community. – Nicole Letendre ‘23  

“The campus has come alive with the spirit of Christmas: a crèche in front of O’Kane, a wreath in the chapel, glowing trees in Kimball. It does not get much better than being here for the holidays.” – Owen Whaley ‘24  

“Christmas dinners at Kimball, with the music playing and the decorations, are a time for students and staff to share something joyful together. The tree lighting was a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit and to watch their friends perform. I got to watch my friend Claire sing Christmas songs in the a capella group, Off The Record.” – Monica Regan ‘23  

“Seeing everyone at Holy Cross get in the Christmas spirit has really made me feel at home. Donnel, my RA, wrapped all the doors in our hall with wrapping paper and now the hall looks awesome. As a sophomore, I have loved spending the holiday season with my Holy Cross classmates for the first time.” – George Caldwell ‘24  

“Christmas is my favorite time of year in general, and being on campus makes it even more special. It’s so exciting to walk into Kimball and see a Christmas tree. The decorations and events surrounding the holidays are a great way to find joy in such a stressful time of the semester!” – Erin Reinhart ‘23 

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