Senior Ball Confirmed for Nov. 19 at Polar Park

Ethan Bachand ‘22


            On Friday, Oct. 29, College of the Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau confirmed that the Class of 2022 Senior Ball will be taking place at Polar Park on Nov. 19. After weeks of speculation over whether the event would happen, the President shared with The Spire that the event is set to go ahead at Worcester’s new baseball stadium.

            In an interview with the newspaper in his office, President Rougeau was directly asked about the event’s status. He responded, “I think I have good news in this regard. The Senior Ball will happen. It will be at Polar Park on Nov. 19.” The President followed up his statement by saying that additional information about the event will follow in the coming days. He also added that the plan was confirmed by Vice President of Student Affairs Michele Murray.

            This news comes a week after the College’s first football game in the new stadium, which is home to the Red Sox’s minor league affiliate.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Spectrum News 1

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