Lower Kimball Reopens October 18

Mary Cronin ‘22

News Editor

Returning to campus in August, Holy Cross students were disappointed to learn that one of their favorite campus dining locations, Lower Kimball, would not be opening. The unique food court style dining hall, located below Kimball’s main dining hall, was always a go to option for students. However, on Thursday October, 14th, students got an exciting email announcing that Lower Kimball would be opening on Monday, October 18th. After almost eight weeks of Lower Kimball being closed for the fall semester, Dining Services notified students of this new change. Instead of solely relying on the Main Kimball Dining Hall during lunch time, students will have another option. Lower Kimball will now be open Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm. Students have the option to order from Habeneros and the Sushi station through the Grubhub app. 

Not only can students order food from Lower Kimball, but they can also sit in the dining area too, which has not happened since March 2020. Meeting friends in between classes in the Lower Kimball dining room will give students another sense of pre-Covid normalcy. Senior Michaela Faris reflected on returning to Lower Kimball, saying, “Sitting in Lower Kimball for the first time since my sophomore year felt just like old times! Of course I enjoyed getting take out from there last semester, but it was so much better actually eating there again. My friends and I have so many memories eating at Lower Kimball, and I’m so excited to be back there to make more for our senior year.” While seniors and juniors had a year or two at Lower Kimball before Covid, first years and sophomores will luckily get to experience this for the first time. 

Students will get to choose between many food options, including Cheese or Chicken Quesadillas, Beef or Chicken Chalupas, Beef or Chicken Chalupas Bowls, Assorted Sushi, Poke Bowls, and Drinks & Sides. Fan favorites Quesadillas and Chalupas will be returning, mixed in with the new addition of Poke Bowls. As always, there will be Meal Swipe and Retail options to choose from, with a wide variety of drinks and snacks.  Senior Davey Sullivan expressed his enthusiasm for the addition of Lower Kimball, saying, “I am extremely excited for Lower Kimball to be opening. Another dining option on campus will make for shorter lines throughout campus and a wide variety of choices. I’m also a big fan of sushi and am looking forward to checking out their selection this year. And, as always, I will be there for their garlic bread grilled cheese if they bring that back. Slaps.” Not only do students have another dining option, but they also may be able to avoid the long lines and wait times that frequently occur at Kimball and D’Agostino Cafe during lunch time. The addition of Lower Kimball to the dining rotation will benefit students and give them a great option to dine at. 

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