Purple Key Society Sponsors In-Person Co-Curricular Extravaganza

Mary Cronin ’22

News Editor

Jocelyn Buggy ’22

Chief News Editor

For many students on the Hill, participating in extracurricular activities is a major part of their Holy Cross experience. The College boasts a spectrum of over 100 clubs and organizations on campus ranging from Peer Educator Organizations such as the Counseling Outreach Peer Educators, to Performing Arts Organizations such as Fools on the Hill, and many more. In order to connect Holy Cross students with these activities, Purple Key Society sponsored the Co-Curricular Extravaganza. Over 40 registered student organizations (RSOs) set up tables on the Hoval to advertise and recruit eager students. Joining a club or extracurricular activity at Holy Cross is the perfect way to meet new people, find a new interest, and engage with the Holy Cross community.

     Purple Key Society is a club on campus that focuses on promoting school spirit and excitement for Holy Cross and all that it has to offer. For this reason, they hosted the Co-Curricular Extravaganza, as it centered around increasing involvement on campus. After Covid interrupted many activities for the past few semesters, this event was especially important to return to in-person events and meetings. Amanda Wilderman ‘22, Co-Chair of Purple Key Society, touched on this point, saying, “Due to COVID-19, a majority of RSOs had to move to an online format for their meetings and events. We hope that the Extravaganza will allow the students the opportunity to meet some of the RSOs and organizations in-person for the first time in 18 months or for the first time in general.” Wilderman expresses a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm for the upcoming year of extracurriculars. 

     Even though they promoted returning to in-person involvement, like the rest of campus, Purple Key Society faced unexpected challenges related to the recent surge in Covid numbers. Many campus events, such as SPUD Recruitment night, had to be rescheduled due to increased Covid restrictions. When asked how Purple Key Society approached similar challenges, Wilderman said: “PKS was not only determined to make the Co-Curricular Extravaganza happen in-person this year, but also to make a safe and inclusive venue that was available to all students despite the recent surge in Covid cases. Consequently, we decided to use the Hoval and the Jo for the Extravaganza, have food trucks stationed from the Hoval to the Jo, and play music to welcome students to find and join clubs that interest them.” 

     The Co-Curricular Extravaganza featured new RSOs in addition to well-established ones. “There were a plethora of organizations that were present,” Wilderman told The Spire. “Some new organizations that were featured at this year’s Co-Curricular Extravaganza were HC Figure Skating Team (now an intercollegiate figure skating team), Working for Worcester, and Students for Wellness, Education, Empowerment, and Teamwork (SWEET, which was formally known as the SRCs).”

     When asked what Purple Key Society wanted students to take away from Saturday’s Extravaganza, Wilderman said: “We hope that students not only find a place of community as members of various RSOs, but we hope that the students will give back to the Worcester Community, discover new passions, make new friends, and enjoy the start of a new academic year. We are looking forward to the future with optimism and perseverance. I can’t wait to see what the RSOs and other organizations have planned for this year. Overall, Purple Key Society hopes that students from all class years find an RSO or organization that resonates with them and that they will be excited to engage in events as a member of these organizations.”

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