FemFo Welcomes All

Caroline Muniz ’23

Staff Writer

FemFo is back on campus this semester with more excitement than ever after having its first in-person meetings after two years! 

The Feminist Forum (FemFo) is a Multicultural Student Organization that welcomes people of all different identities and backgrounds to discuss feminist issues both on and off campus. All opinions and perspectives are welcome for anyone to let their voices be heard. Every week, there is a new meeting to discuss a new topic in a safe place. “Over my four years here, FemFo has built up my confidence and my voice, and exposed me to new ideas and people,” said Co-Chair Jules Cashman ‘22. 

On Sept. 8, FemFo had their first in-person meeting in almost two years and is now being held in Hogan every Wednesday. Before then, the meetings were held on Zoom since March of 2020. Co-Chair Annie Griffin ‘23 reflected on her experience online and said, “FemFo was my favorite place to talk to so many people and to see so many smiling, friendly faces. Now in person, it’s even better!” The first meeting discussed the new abortion laws in Texas and many people shared their unique perspectives and thoughts on the matter. 

FemFo has big plans for this upcoming year. “The Vagina Monologues” is the biggest event sponsored by FemFo. It is a series of monologues through the eyes of women that explores various themes and was written to help end violence against women. Cashman said, “We hosted it online last year, which was great, but nothing beats seeing the performance live!”  

Photo Courtesy of Valentina Moran ’23

FemFo also hosts “Take Back the Night” where survivors of sexual and relationship abuse come forward to tell their stories and start discussions about what leads to this violence against women and ways to prevent it. In addition to this event, October is domestic violence awareness month, and FemFo works alongside the Title IX office for the entire month of October to raise awareness. 

This year, FemFo is more enthusiastic than ever for all the things that they will be able to experience in person and together as a club. This includes meeting the alumnae who were a part of the very first class of women to attend College of the Holy Cross and learning about their experiences. 

People from all classes have come to FemFo for the sense of community. Many of its members have said it has been a great way for them to meet people and make friends. Griffin explained, “I go every week for the people. I love hearing everyone’s different perspectives about controversial topics, and it is always good to meet new people and a lot of my friends ended up being from FemFo.”

The Feminist Forum welcomes all and stands for meeting new people through a community of inclusivity and open conversation. 

For more information on future meetings and events that FemFo has in store this semester, visit myHC’s Feminist Forum tab or contact Co-Chairs Jules Cashman jhcash22@g.holycross.edu and Annie Griffin amgrif23@g.holycross.edu 

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