SGA Senate Minutes


Speaker Updates: Congratulations to all newly elected members of the Senate! The newly elected Senate met on 4/25 via Zoom and chose Helena Sabo for Speaker of the Senate, Sophia Fiordalice for Parliamentarian, and Sagar Patel for Sergeant-at-Arms. The RSO Lobbying Association meeting met on 4/22. RSOs for 2021-2022 were approved under the condition that any RSOs missing their paperwork will be submitted by 4/25. The 2021-2022 SGA Budget was approved on 4/18. The SGA-sponsored Student Leadership Awards were 4/26, and a few Senate members were nominated. As the current Senate session ends and the new one begins, a lot was accomplished this year. There were two Ad-Hoc Committees, the Brooks-Mulledy Legacy Committee, and the Presidential Search Committee. Many initiatives were started that will carry into next year. The Senate was also restructured to best serve the student body.

Committee Updates: Spot-a-Senator and RSO spotlights went well, and Public Affairs began discussing transitional items for next year. RSO Re-Recognition is now complete. Student Outreach is still in the process of setting up the Instagram for their Humans of Holy Cross initiative, and posts will be set up going into the summer. 


S-1609 Glossary Update: This bill clarifies “SGA Experience” to include Class Councils and adds other definitions from the by-laws.

S-1610 Co-President Experience: This bill evaluates the qualifications for SGA Co-Presidents and clarifies what kinds of “experience” are crucial” for the Co-Presidential role.

Vote of Confidence Common Requirements Proposal: Establishes SGA’s support of the Common Requirements Proposal, mainly in the name of helping prevent any stalemates in approving any proposals from the requirements committee. This vote of confidence aims to provide an endorsement of students and the SGA. 

Position Statement Protecting Asian Lives: The statement was tabled to make minor adjustments, will be sent out over email in the coming days. 

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