Interview with Annie Rogers ’23 from Feminist Forum

Caroline Wallace ’23

Features Editor

The Feminist Forum, or “FemFo,” is as Annie Rogers put it: “a group where all gender identities, sexual orientation, race, and religion meet together in order to discuss equality and problems that affect people all over the world.” Despite the COVID-19 restrictions on campus, the group is still meeting on a weekly basis on Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30 through Zoom. The FemFo has made the most use of Zoom and have adjusted their normal meetings accordingly. Instead of meeting each week to discuss a given topic, they talk about a topic one week, then the next week they meet to discuss “life, the news, and anything on our minds,” stated Rogers. Although the means of meeting have changed for the FemFo, they have not allowed the restrictions of the pandemic to affect their tight-knit community.

When discussing the mission of the Feminist Forum, Rogers explained that she feels that her role is to “keep the conversations that we have in meetings going!” She stated that the FemFo discusses important topics such as “sexual assault, women having autonomy over themselves, knowing their own body, and destigmatizing the word ‘feminist.’” Rogers stated that her experiences with the FemFo have allowed her to grow and that she has “learned to embrace the awkwardness that comes with learning about ourselves and challenge the conversations around me.” As displayed through Roger’s answers, the Feminist Forum provides a perfect opportunity for students to join a community on campus in the midst of these isolating times. Involvement in the FemFo allows for students to not only become more involved, but also more educated.As stated before, the FemFo is open to everyone. Anyone interested in joining can do so by following @hcfeminists on Instagram and/or emailing feministforum@g.holycross.edu. In addition, the Feminist Forum will be hosting an event “Take Back the Night.” This event is a vigil that is hosted for sexual assault awareness. It will be happening in late April with more details to come.

Graphic design by Hui Li ’21

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