Speaker Updates: Connor McNerney ‘22, Professor Scott Malia, and Professor Josep Alba-Salas from the Steering Committee discussed three separate models regarding the new proposed common area requirements and surveyed the Senators on eight questions regarding them. Senate is also establishing a Class-Council-Class Senator Liaison that will meet throughout the semester.

Committee Updates: Public Affairs is starting up Spot-a-Senator soon to drive awareness of Senators on and off-campus. Videos of Senators sharing information on recently passed bills will also be posted. The RSO Lobbying Association met tonight, and re-recognition paperwork is due March 22nd. The Senate Budget Committee passed the Spring ‘21 Budget and is actively reviewing requests from clubs and activities.


S-1599 Judicial Council and Senate Checks and Balances: This bill provides a framework for the J-Council to avoid overstepping bounds by creating an appeal process for Senate related appeals.

S-1600 Defining Senate Positions: This bill specifies the structure of the senate, updates responsibilities of senate leadership, and outlining four standing committees in the senate, including plans to expand the Student Outreach Committee.

S-1601 Senate Committee Restructuring: This bill details specific changes to each standing committee, revealing the expansions to the Student Outreach Committee implied in S-1600 (absorption of Academic Affairs, leadership in the committee, etc.)

S-1602 Updating Clerkship Program: Student Outreach Clerks added to assist Chair and Vice-Chair of Student Outreach Committee.

Join us for our next meeting on 3/7 at 8 pm EST on Zoom!

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