SGA Senate Minutes 12/6


Speaker Updates:

The WSGA has finished adjusting their constitution. It has changed greatly in terms of officer responsibilities, including the terms for officer removal, and has added an advisory position to feature an alumni member. Spring elections are happening right after winter break. Potential bills are being drafted in Senate to address changes. This past week, there was a town hall meeting hosted by the Co-Directors of Social Justice to discuss the ENGAGE Summit/Series.

Committee Updates:

Academic Affairs is currently working on updates to the HC website. Internal Affairs is preparing a bonding plan to hopefully make up for lost time. Public Affairs is preparing a Fall Wrap-Up survey and finishing the Healy Education Series. RSO committee is discussing RSO re-recognition via the new platform MyHC. The SBC gave an update on which clubs were approved for funding. Student Outreach is discussing the MSO/IBO definition project in the coming weeks. They are also planning a Day in the Life of an HC Student video series in an attempt to increase awareness of the school and its general outreach. The Ad Hoc committee shared that they collected a total of 342 responses from their survey. The search is still in its early stages but is considering laypeople, women, and other candidates outside the usual pool. 

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