Advertisement for the 12/4 Winter Concert

Hannah Johnson ‘21

Patron of the Arts

I humbly invite all of you, dear readers, to attend the virtual ensemble concerts on the eve of this issue’s publishing, from 7-9pm-ish, or any time in between, because, in case you are a TRUE music department fanatic like myself, every single ensemble will be performing back-to-back, and so you can binge on all your favorite college ensembles in one night, OR simply pop in for whichever ensemble is your favorite! (*cough cough* wind ensemble *cough*) 

Everyone knows only true Holy Cross music fans are hardy enough to prepare snacks and drinks beforehand and resist the urge to get up and stretch or use the bathroom during the entirety of the two-plus-hour concert. As well, only true fans have the mental fortitude to stay awake and alert and applaud raucously after every single song, sometimes at the inappropriate time or in the middle of a piece, and regardless of whether or not the initial songs are boring, thus tempting you into a nap before you even make it to the good stuff! (*cough cough* the HC wind ensemble at the very end of the concert *cough*)

It’s sure to be an enjoyable night! At least half of the performing ensembles have themed their musical selections around the theme of “community” and coming together during these hard times… So come by for a lovely and musical distraction from the global pandemic we are currently experiencing! (legal disclaimer: you might be reminded about said pandemic, possibly multiple times, during the performance. Even if none of the directors mention it, the music might just evoke a lot of feelings from you, and that’s okay. Just let it out, bro.) Also, I have to say “at least half” because supposedly the marching band is playing tonight too, but I don’t know if they have, like, a theme, and they were just completely left out of the concert email, sooooo… RIP pep band.

But speaking of just letting out your feelings, that is one of the perks of having our winter performance in this online format! Here is a list of all the perks!!

  • Watching the stream by yourself means you can be as outwardly emotional as you like!
  • You don’t have to worry about applauding for the performers or giving them any recognition or credit for their hard work, either!
  • You don’t have to even see the performers either, even if you have treasured friends or family members performing!
  • Lastly, you can hear plenty of bassoon! Because I made like 17 or more individual recordings for the wind ensemble, not only of all the bassoon parts, but also covering some other low parts, like euphonium and tuba! Basically, I am half of the band by myself, and it’s all bassoon, baby! Come to the wind ensemble performance at 8:30 and get your huge helping of low reedy voices!!!

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