The Future of the Republican Party: Dim or Bright?

Joe Barbieri ’23

Opinions Editor

Last Saturday, former vice president Joe Biden became President-elect after he passed the 270 electoral college vote threshold needed to win the presidency. 

As major news networks began declaring the news, it was clear that President Donald Trump would not accept this truth. Pushing unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, President Trump is proving once again that he truly does not care about the peaceful transfer of power. President Trump is not only harming the country, but he is also harming his party. 

As there has been no major evidence of widespread voter fraud, Republicans, including President Trump, need to stop delaying the transition of administrations and congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. Doing so would not only be the democratic thing to do but would also benefit the party in the long run. 

In my opinion, President Trump’s loss was not due to voter fraud, but to terrible strategy on his part. By discouraging Americans to not vote by mail-in ballot, Trump lost undecided voters who were reluctant to vote in person due to the ongoing pandemic. 

One can also wonder why President Trump would want to discourage potential voters from exercising their constitutional right? Had Trump encouraged the use of mail-in balloting, he would have been able to keep his leads in key swing states, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

After losing this election, the Republican party needs to focus on its future. By refusing to accept the results of this election, they are unable to truly focus on 2024. They must work with the incoming Biden administration on the most pressing issue facing the nation: Coronavirus. 

Just today, November 11, the United States set another single-day record for coronavirus cases, as the number of new infections reached 136,000. Hospitalizations were also at their highest level since the pandemic began. 

By focusing on the most pressing issues facing the nation, Republicans can rebuild their credibility and appeal to a wide range of undecided voters in the wake of the Trump presidency. 

The fact of the matter is that President-elect Joe Biden will most likely not run in 2024. And while President Trump may try to run again in 2024, he should not be the face of the Republican party in 2024. 

As President Trump lost the popular vote in the 2020 election by over 5 million votes, it is obvious that America is ready to move on from President Trump 

The Republican party must come to terms with this realization and move away from President Trump. Instead, they must consolidate behind a solid, moderate candidate. And an impeached one-term president who lost the popular vote twice should not be the face of any political party. 

2024 is an open slate for the Republican party. The way I see it, the party has two choices: they can be sore losers and pout about unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud or they can admit defeat, build their party up and get ready for 2024. 

American democracy is a constant rise and fall of political parties. Republicans have been dealt a blow with the defeat of President Trump. However, they are very well in control of their future.

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