Mario Micallef

An Eggplant

Exquisite choice Bernadette. Yes, one long cut across my bangs goes stupendously with my four eyes and buck teeth. I cannot wait to see Bruce in Gym class tomorrow. I am sure he will have nothing but nice things to say to me. Gone are the days of getting stuffed viciously in lockers. It’s babe city from here on out. I would be a stunning king (a homecoming king albeit) like the world hasn’t been graced with since King Henry the V.  How could anyone resist my $7.99 Great Clips cut? Mom was right you know. It’s all about your attitude. I set trends for trendsetters. Time will tell, but, in two months, everybody will want this cut. And the best part is I’ll never eat alone at lunch again. My new hairdo: a golden ticket to friendship. 

No! No! Begone Doubt. Away with you, my infamous nemesis. Flee my mind, I beg of you. Wait, what is that you say? Curses; you are right! What if I am wrong?

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