The Good Trouble Series: Race and Racism on Mount Saint James

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 | 6:00pm-7:30pm EST | Zoom Webinar (Registration Required)

Organized By: BSU, History on the Hill, SGA, OME

Registration, the event is free:  

A powerful national mobilization of citizens against systemic state violence against black bodies has opened up a range of important questions on race, inequity, and the silencing of the past. Holy Cross is a microcosm of our nation, and it is our obligation as a community committed to the Jesuit value of being “for and with others”; it is our duty to be an actively anti-racist institution. We, as members of the College of the Holy Cross community, have the responsibility and power to create the change we want to see in our own institution and beyond. We view the present moment as historically and generationally a pivotal turning point to engage in long overdue national dialogues on race, racism, and social justice.

Graphic by Hui Li ’21. Background Images from Holy Cross Magazine, Photo of Fenwick Hall from Holy Cross Website.

The goal of The Good Trouble Series is to come together and have a raw discourse that persists long past the event. We want these dialogues and conversations on race to translate to meaningful institutional change. Guided by this belief, we are proposing a day-long conversation to interrogate various facets of American life through the lens of race so as to “seek justice within and beyond the Holy Cross Community”. Finally, we hope this conference will be a stepping stone towards ongoing discussions about diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging on campus for years to come.

The Good Trouble Series will open this fall to discuss the racial history of Holy Cross. Professor Thomas Doughton will open the night with a discussion about the foundation of the College and conclude his lecture at the early 20th century. Our select alum will further discuss key events on campus including: Father Brooks, the formation of the Black Student Union, and the impact of the Vietnam Walkouts. Meah Austin ‘22 and Jordyn Shubrick ‘22 will close out the evening with a Q&A panel which will include Professor Thomas Doughton and our alum speakers. All attendees are urged to provide questions for this portion of the night via the Zoom webinar registration form.

For further information, please contact Holly Tente ‘23

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