Student Art: “Birds of a Feather” by Sophie Cassarino ’24

Sophie Cassarino ‘24 is a Holy Cross student from Connecticut with a passion for poetry. She currently writes a poem a day, and has been running her website https://septilina.weebly.com/ since her junior year of high school. As she begins her journey at the College, she is getting involved with the Creative Writing Club and Parnassus, an undergraduate journal published by the College in conjunction with the Classics Department. 

“Birds of a feather,” by Sophie Cassarino ‘24

Birds of a feather

Fall together

And splatter in a bloody heap together

In any weather

Ask one whether

He or she would die for their feather

Whether yes whether no a feather is still a fetter

Drawing the boundaries of being together

No one really knows the power of “feather”

Until someone dares insult their feather

And then two feathers fight together

And fall together

And splatter in a bloody heap together

But in the end we’re all covered in feathers

Feathers and fetters that draw the letters in our many many names

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