SGA Senate Minutes


Confirmation Hearings:

The Senate confirmed Jimmy Lunny, Margaret Telling, Bianca Miccolis, Connor Murphy, Erin Reinhart, Meaghan Lanctot, and Maggie Ober to the SGA 2020-2021 Cabinet. Congratulations to all!

Speaker Updates:

The RSO liaison program starts this week, as Senators were assigned their RSOs to communicate with. Elections this fall will be taking place around October 5-7th. Clerk applications will go live at the end of this month. The proposed date for the RSO lobbying association is October 4th at 7pm. WSGA is currently pursuing initiatives that would allow first-year students to get involved with the Worcester community. The Senate also did breakout roundtable sessions to brainstorm initiatives for this semester.

Committee Updates:

Internal Affairs has been planning zoom games and activities for Senate group bonding. Public Affairs is trying to revamp social media involvement and finding different ways to create more transparency with social media posts. SBC and the SGA Treasurer are currently working on the activity fee roll-over and its disbursement for RSOs. Student Outreach is pursuing a Senate dropbox initiative, focusing on collecting responses from the student body, and eventually publishing these questions and concerns on Senate social media accounts.


S-1593 Redefining Duties of the Public Affairs Clerk: This bill expands the role of the Public Affairs Clerk by adding the responsibility of creating clerk spotlights, and clarifies the various social media platforms used. This bill passed with 16 yay, 2 abstained, and 0 nay.

S-1594 Responsibilities of Class Senators: This bill introduces expanded responsibilities of class senators to meet with their Class Councils. This bill has been tabled until the next session to rework the reprimations if these responsibilities are not met.

S-1595 New Constitution: This Constitutional Amendment establishes and updates the old SGA Constitution to fit how SGA has adapted over time. 

Join us for our next session Sunday, October 4th on Zoom at 8:15pm!

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