Welcoming Letter from the Editors

Photo by Hui Li ’21

Dear Holy Cross Community, 

The Spire is so excited to be back with you for the Fall 2020 semester. Holy Cross is a community dispersed, but thanks to the creativity and resilience of our individual members, we’ve still found ways to continue fostering our connections. We’re still an active community, brimming with new ideas, research, and projects. Even scattered we are doing great things. 

The Spire aims to continue highlighting our community’s vitality. Holy Cross is more than a campus, and though we are experiencing it differently, the spirit that we’ve always loved remains. We are still men and women for others. Events and get-togethers are still commonplace. We still question, wonder, and create. We hope that through drawing attention to the ways the community still thrives, that our publications may serve as a means of connection. 

So, we look forward to seeing the great things that the community accomplishes, the questions students explore, and how we come away with a new, stronger understanding of what it means to be a Holy Cross student. 

Have a great semester!

Kelly Gallagher ‘22 and Matt Anderson ‘21 


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