Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Spire would like to express its solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and to condemn the acts of hate which display our country’s continued systemic inequality.

We believe that justice is overdue for the black lives that have always mattered and we support those fighting racism. 

We encourage our community to continue to educate itself on racism, including any perpetrated on our own campus, and to assume responsibility for ending systemic racial inequality. It’s time to not only believe in the importance of equality and equity, but to take concrete action in achieving it. 

Even as the nation seems to grow more divided, The Spire is dedicated to dialogue. After all, it is our silence and deafness which are the enemies of progress. We encourage community members to keep their minds, hearts, and ears open to each other, and we commit to doing the same. 

Our Opinions section is always open to the respectful dialogue that is integral to initiating the changes that must be made in our society and our Holy Cross community. 

We at The Spire also hope to educate ourselves, and would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding our ability to contribute to the fight for racial justice. 

We are full of love for our Holy Cross community, and we are confident in the campus’ ability to take action in making a positive difference.

Graphic edited by Hui Li ’21.

Categories: Opinions

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  1. “Systemic racial inequality?” There are 40 millions Blacks in the U.S. For the last 60 yrs they have virtually all voted Democrat. During that time Democrats often held the reins of government power. Yet Black families have only ten cents of wealth for every dollar of wealth that White families have. How can that be? Blacks are on the Modern Democrat Plantation. If Blacks suddenly became economically equal to Whites, the Democrat Party would disappear. Can you see why Democrats must preserve their Plantation? The cotton plantation owners of the 19th century were all Democrats. The leaders of the anti-Reconstruction were all Democrats. The KKK were all Democrats. Jim Crow was perpetrated by Democrats. Want to help uplift Blacks? Help them escape the Modern Democrat Plantation. Thanks for reading in the spirit of open dialogue.


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