Interview with First-Year Students Natasha Rollo and Kathleen Segal: Experiences While in Quarantine

Nicole Letendre ’23

Features Editor 

Nicole: What has been the biggest challenge of quarantine (or having school in quarantine)?

Natasha: The biggest challenge for me is simply missing out on the whole college experience I grew to love during the first semester. Being able to walk outside and hang with friends or chatting with professors about various things. It’s not like I’m unable to do that now, but it is different being able to do these things face to face and having the freedom and independence to do your own thing. 

Kathleen: The biggest challenge of having school in quarantine is having to still do all the schoolwork for college but being in a completely different environment. It’s a lot easier to work when everyone around you is going to class and studying, so finding motivation to do it alone is hard. Plus, there’s the added stress and difficulties of the global crisis we are currently facing, and being separated from friends makes it even more difficult. 

Nicole: Have you found ways to creatively overcome that challenge?

Natasha: I love being able to FaceTime my friends; it means a lot to be able to see them still. We love to play online games against one another or create fun presentations about inside jokes and present them to one another. It’s nice just to hear them talk and laugh with them like normal.  

Kathleen: Music has always been a big comfort to me, so listening to my favorite songs and discovering new ones has been a nice distraction from everything.

Nicole: What has quarantine taught you, or made you more appreciative of?

Natasha: Quarantine has definitely taught me some self-discipline, because I really have to focus myself into getting things done. It is so easy to get distracted at home and lose motivation to do work. But having to try and stick to my usual schedule has helped me to keep up my productivity. 

Kathleen: Quarantine has made me very grateful for the situation I’m in. My parents still have their jobs, and I have steady WIFI so I can still complete my schoolwork. I think quarantine has also reminded me to live in the moment more, as certain experiences don’t always come around again.

Nicole: What is your go-to quarantine activity?

Natasha: My go-to quarantine activity is to honestly just watch my favorite TV shows and movies with my family. It’s nice to be able to catch up on the shows we love to watch and have fun discussions afterwards. 

Kathleen: My go-to quarantine activity is watching Downton Abbey with my mom. 

As you can see, these two first-year students have found creative ways to stay positive during quarantine. Connecting with friends over various platforms and spending valuable time with family have been a comfort to many students. Ultimately, reminding yourself of the many blessings in your life can have a significant impact on your happiness. Just remember to have hope that quarantine will eventually end and that we’ll be able to reconnect in person with friends and family! 

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