Tips to Stay Connected With Friends during Quarantine

Nicole Letendre ’23

Features Editor

It is fair to say that quarantine has been quite the shift for many College of the Holy Cross students. Feeling detached from in-person academics, extracurricular activities, and athletics are worries that many Holy Cross students share. Among these uncertainties is the overwhelming sense of disconnect from friends and social scenes; however, there are many creative ways to interact with friends in a safe and engaging way! Hopefully the following tips prove to be successful for you. I, myself, have participated in these activities to stay in touch with my friends, and it has helped me immensely during quarantine. 

1.     By now, I’m sure you’ve been well acquainted with Zoom, and of course, Facetime is an old, reliable standby as well. What you might not have explored are possibilities to play games over these mediums. Games such as Scribble (resembling an online Pictionary) can be a great way to create memories and share some game-night fun with friends!

2.     For big friend groups, this tip is for you! A friend of mine introduced a creative idea that is a cross between pen pals and Secret Santa. We were each randomly assigned a friend in our group to write (or email) a letter and a thoughtful addition to. Some examples include song recommendations, recipes, or poems. This is a great opportunity to have fun and stay connected with others!

3.     Finally, a simple text can go a long way. During this chaotic time, reaching out to others is especially important. Look ahead, brainstorm summer plans, and set your mind on the positives. There are plenty of activities, such as going to the beach or road-tripping, that you’ll be able to enjoy once quarantine is over. Though these are seemingly uncontrollable circumstances, you have the power to frame the way you think. Be optimistic about the future!

This situation has certainly impacted many people, and the Holy Cross community feels the effects as well. I hope these few suggestions for how to safely spend time with friends eases some of your worries. There are plenty of fun options to remain connected, such as playing games or creating your own pen pal/Secret Santa system. Although we can’t all be on campus spending time together in-person, we can maintain the spirit of Holy Cross through the encounters we have, regardless of what medium is being used. Wishing you all health and happiness! 

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