Where Do We Go from Here? Spire Update, Spring 2020

To the College of the Holy Cross community,

Like many of you, we are feeling the shocks of yesterday’s announcement about classes going online for the rest of the semester. We are left with many questions and few answers. The one thing that is clear to us is that The Spire will not cease to operate during this confusing and difficult time.

Now more than ever, there are stories to be told from our College community, and it is our place to shed light on them. The lives of so many have been and will continue to be affected by this unprecedented chapter in the College’s history, and the Spire staff feels obligated to highlight the experiences of our community members with accuracy and integrity. 

That being said, we have no choice but to suspend printing issues of The Spire for the rest of the semester, yet we remain dedicated to keeping the Holy Cross community informed, inspired, and entertained by our content. Therefore, we will continue to publish our articles on Friday mornings on our website, and maintain an active social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With such an unprecedented change in our everyday lives on campus, finding ways to maintain The Spire’s longstanding presence on campus will require innovation and creativity, and we ask you all to continue to support our publication in this process. 

With the challenges that students face in the next few weeks in their efforts to return home and adapt to online classes, we will refrain from publishing a full issue until March 27. In the meantime, we will publish articles as they are submitted to us, as well as any particularly relevant stories we feel the campus community should have access to. On April 3, we will proceed with publishing our annual Eggplant Edition, and we will finish out the year with two more Friday editions in the weeks after Easter.

Even as so many of us must part ways with our beloved campus and our peers, The Spire staff is committed to reinforcing the underlying sense of community that will continue to tie us all together. By continuing to publish articles by and about Holy Cross students, staff, and faculty, we seek to remind everyone that our community is stronger than ever, and this temporary obstacle will not change that. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing our work with you in the weeks and months ahead, as this publication has since 1925.

Jackie Cannon ’20 and Billy Fitzpatrick ’20

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