Creativity and Collaboration Dance Ensemble Benefit Show

Bridget Flaherty ‘21

Features Editor

Last week on Valentine’s Day, the Hogan Ballroom was the place to be thanks to the Holy Cross Dance Ensemble’s Annual Benefit Show. This year, all of the ticket proceeds were donated to the Holy Cross Women’s Rowing Team. It was a thoughtful declaration of community reminiscent of the collaborative, encouraging show itself. Per usual, it was a night to remember.

All of the dances were beautifully choreographed to delightfully relevant pieces of music. Obviously, I was partial to the number choreographed by the Class of 2021, in which they brilliantly combined multiple dances and songs made viral on TikTok, both because I am a Junior and embarrassingly obsessed with TikTok. Despite hours, and I do mean hours, of practicing these dances in front of my mirror, I have still yet to successfully complete one of these dances, let alone seamlessly incorporate them all into a fun performance. 

The members of the class of 2023 came to represent with their lovely dance to “Falling” by the inimitable Harry Styles. In terms of pleasing me, the song choice alone would’ve been enough. To be honest, they could’ve simply sat on the stage for the duration of the song and I would’ve dramatically sobbed and called it brilliant. Instead, they glided around the stage gracefully, executing elegant leaps and synchronized spins. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed.

Undoubtedly, one of the best moments of the night was the hip-hop routine, perfectly choreographed to a Missy Elliott medley by Beth O’Brien ’20. Simply put – it was iconic. The costumes were straight out of a ’90s music video. The dance moves were fun, intense, and everything I would like to do when a Missy Elliott song comes on at a party (or any time or place, honestly).

As if the flawless, energetic execution wasn’t enough to astound, all Dance Ensemble routines were student choreographed!

I would be remiss not to mention the CELL BLOCK TANGO (!!!) routine, choreographed by the class of 2022. This number meant a lot to me considering I spend most of my free time choreographing my own routine to this song (with me playing every role, obviously). It’s not easy for me to say, but these girls blew my living room routine out of the water. They were the epitome of both sass and class, which isn’t easy when dancing to a song about killing your husband.

Every single routine was packed with talent and passion, and showcased the variety of skills that these dancers can pull off. I was blown away to know that these routines were choreographed by members of the dance ensemble, also known as STUDENTS. I can barely find the coordination to not fall off one of the Loyola treadmills (if any of them are actually working for once), let alone choreograph an entire dance. These girls deserved every single “woop” and clap that were generously given by the enthusiastic audience. If you missed the chance to see this extravaganza, all of the routines are available on the Dance Ensemble’s YouTube page. I highly recommend checking them out. By the way, if anyone wants to learn the renegade TikTok dance, I am planning on begging one of the juniors to teach me, so feel free to shoot me an email. 

Photo courtesy of HC Dance Ensemble

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