Throwback Karaoke

Nicole Letendre ‘23

Features Editor 

On January 24th, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted Throwback Karaoke in Crossroads from 8-10pm. Students were gathered at tables, chatting and eating pizza while listening to their peers singing popular favorites and swaying along to the music. Singers were able to channel their inner superstar, gripping the microphone and bouncing along to the beats. Well-known songs, such as Irreplaceable by Beyoncé, even prompted other students to sing along. Students that did not perform were able to enjoy the pizza that was provided, as well as support friends who chose to participate in the karaoke fun. Karaoke equipment, such as a screen, speakers, and a microphone, were set up to provide attendees with the best experience possible. Singers had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, such as a TV! Students who performed brought their all to the karaoke event, singing with pure fun and enjoyment.

 The Holy Cross Campus Activities Board (CAB) continuously works to plan exciting and unique experiences for students on campus. Karaoke night, in addition to the numerous other events happening on campus, was a fantastic opportunity to unwind by enjoying quality time with friends and listening to famous tunes. Overall, it was an excellent way to spend Friday night with other students, as well as an opportunity to win awesome prizes!

The Holy Cross community is engrained with musical opportunities—music as an art form, as an outlet, or simply for purposes of entertainment. Continuously scheduling events that involve music is just another way that Holy Cross enriches their community. Whether you were a karaoke fanatic or a first-timer, it was an exciting activity that brought students back to their once-favorite songs and allowed them to spend valuable time with their friends. If you missed karaoke night, no worries! There are always plenty of new and exciting activities to participate in, and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) makes sure to plan events that students will love.

As an attendee at karaoke night, I enjoyed the hustle-and-bustle of Crossroads as students sang their favorite tunes with gusto and enjoyment. It was a comfortable way to spend a Friday night after a school week back from break, as students such as myself were getting into the rhythm of the second semester. Not only was it a relaxing way to end the school week, but it gave many students the opportunity to chat with friends and listen to great singers having such a fun time. As we get farther into the second semester, I highly recommend taking advantage of the events that Holy Cross and the Campus Activities Board has to offer. Karaoke night was incredibly fun, but the time spent with friends was priceless.

Photo Courtesy of Karoke with Bobz and Shalini.

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