Streaming Service Tidal Music Announces 2019 “Wrapped” Playlists

Nate Ingalls ’20

Visiting Scholar

San Francisco –Tidal (stylized TIDAL) has released curated playlists from each of their eight current subscribed members to celebrate its most successful year on record. CEO Jeff Toig in a press statement wrote “I’d like to thank each and every subscriber for their unique taste in putting together these playlists, like Mollie from Eau Claire, Wisconsin with her indie-rock mix to Layton in Scottsdale, Arizona, who put together a fantastic oldies rap playlist. I couldn’t leave out the other six so thanks again to Joel, Eleanor, Melissa, Xander, John and how could I forget Tommy for making this year the best yet here at Tidal.

Toig, commenting on the positives of the streaming service, emphasized how it’s the only platform where you can find your own playlist on the explore page next to a playlist curated by Beyoncé herself. Toig insisted that the loss of exclusive rights to Jay-Z’s discography wouldn’t affect future numbers of paid subscribers, noting that forecasts for the 2020 fiscal year have the streaming service blowing through the double-digit subscriber total. “Here at Tidal, we continue to be the streaming service world leader in exclusive content, offering the same options as Spotify and Apple Music, but with opportunities to be the first listeners of various albums, such as The Life of Pablo, before it was pulled for Spotify.”

When launched in 2015, it was reported that Tidal wasn’t able to attract one paid subscriber to its roster. Since then, however, its numbers have steadily gone up as big-name artists like Rihanna, Calvin Harris and J. Cole have become shareholders. With somewhat of a conundrum on how its staying afloat in a competitive market, where rival Spotify has 217 million worldwide subscribers, Toig was adamant that the 2020s would be Tidal’s decade.

“We’re just getting started. My great-aunt and uncle just got iPhones so there’s two new subscribers right there,” Toig said. It was reported to the Eggplant just before press-time that Toig’s own grandmother is a loyal subscriber to Apple Music, however, saying she prefers the interface.

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