A Tale of Two Trees

Matt Anderson ‘21

Big Christmas Guy 

As finals draw closer and most Holy Cross students teeter the line between ingesting lethal levels of caffeine and having a mental breakdown, a holiday mania has also begun to sweep campus. Trees, tinsel, and Mariah Carey have infiltrated every facet of daily life as many rooms begin to look like Hallmark movies. 

Speaking about the Purple Key Society’s Christmas Tree Lighting however, Olivia Savino ‘22 had strong opinions: “Considering Holy Cross’ tuition, I thought the nativity would be made of gold or something and that the lighting itself would have pyrotechnics. Instead, it’s just, like, a sad plywood hut with stumpy trees wound with a few Christmas lights. Like, my hometown has a bigger tree lighting. The only interesting thing about it is waking up the next day and wondering how drunk kids got the statue of Saint Joseph onto the roof of Fenwick.”

Photo courtesy of
A Caro Street resident and his stunning Christmas tree.

Other students have more humble expectations in their Christmas decorating. Drew Higgens, a senior living on Caro Street told The Spire that he is pleased with how the three-foot Christmas tree he bought at a yard sale “really ties the triple-decker together,” and that, “it really completed the unbelievably depressing aesthetic [he] was going for.” Placed on the floor in the corner of the room, next to a moldy futon, Drew couldn’t be more right. The only decorations the bedraggled tree has are a tangled mass of colored lights, a single ornament which bears a striking resemblance to those in Kimball, a soiled shower towel wrapped around its base, and a crumpled beer can for a star. 

Ultimately, when it comes to Jesus’ b-day, size doesn’t matter. True Christmas spirit, regardless of the length of the tree, is in the cheer of the beholder.

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