Streaming this Fall: What to Watch and What to Skip

By Clarabel Smith ‘20
Features Editor

Unfortunately for most college students, some of the best new and returning shows return to TV and streaming services in fall, right as our work starts to accelerate. However, if you’re anything like me and are determined to allot yourself at least one new television obsession this fall, you should know what’s coming out and when and where you can watch it (that is, if your grades are worth it).

Bojack Horseman, Season 6 (Oct. 4) – Netflix returns today to the hilarious, bizarre, and often deeply depressing Hollywoo. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show, you might find Bojack Horseman in an unexpected but well-needed place in the first new episode. With this being the final season, the showrunners likely won’t pull any punches, whether in emotional whammies or in visual experimentation, and hopefully Bojack’s prolonged and cyclical journey (and that of the rest of the characters) ends in a satisfying way.

The Good Place, Season 4 (Sept. 26) – Another high-stakes final season, this one with everyone’s afterlives in the balance! The Good Place might not be the show for those not prepared to catch up with the previous plot upturns, but every line and character is funny and endearing enough to keep you hooked through the latest episodes, already on Netflix.

The Politician (Sept. 27) – With a particularly big-name cast including Gwyneth Paltrow, Lucy Boynton, and Jessica Lange as well as star Ben Platt, and an over the top aesthetic reminiscent of the first season of Scream Queens, The Politician is expected to be a fun and deeply uncomfortable satire of politics and spin.

Big Mouth, Season 3 (Oct. 4) – The first two seasons of this delightfully absurd and disgustingly honest depiction of middle school received positive reviews from critics and viewers (except your parents). For fans who’ve waited since the Valentine’s Day special for more content, or those who haven’t been brave enough to try the show, the Season 3 trailer offers more of the best in musical numbers, guest voices, and preteens being disgusting animals. 

Photo courtesy of thenewswheel.com

Amazon Prime
Undone (Sept. 13) – From the creators of Bojack Horseman comes another innovative animated show, starring Rosa Salazar as “Alma, who finds after a car accident that she has a new relationship with time. She develops this relationship to find out the truth about her father’s (Bob Odenkirk) death.” For those who are looking for a more than slightly surreal science fiction series, this series is already on Amazon Prime.

Modern Love (Oct. 18) – Starring Anne Hathaway, this series following a wide variety of characters is based on the sex and romance column by Dan Savage. Exploring “love in its multitude of forms,” the trailer seems a bit too sweet for those who don’t have a taste for romantic comedies or shows like This Is Us, but hopefully the show lives up to the humor and worldliness of the source material.

Looking for Alaska (Oct. 18) – This adaptation of the John Green novel may be a little late for all of us who read the book in middle school, but the limited series could fulfill a need for both coming of age drama and nostalgic adaptation. 

Castle Rock, Season 2 (Oct.1) – In another reinventing of Stephen King’s expanded universe after the quiet success of last season, lovers of It: Chapter 2 should find plenty of scares, supernatural and otherwise, in Castle Rock. If the trailer and the show so far are to be believed, the Easter Eggs alone will keep you up at night. Starring Lizzy Caplan as the younger version of an unexpected character, this series has three episodes already on Hulu.

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