Crusader of the Week: Gracie

Name: Gracie

Rank: Officer

Hometown: Schomberg, Ontario (Swiss Ridge Kennels)

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 5 Months

Favorite Toy: My snuggle puppy and lambchop

Favorite Place to be Pet: Belly rubs or bust

Favorite Officer: The one holding my treat bag

Major: Undecided

Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: Puppy 101

Favorite Late-Night Snack: Ziwi Peak Salmon recipe!!!

Favorite Study Spot: By the comfy chairs in Hogan, right by Cool Beans

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: I don’t have one yet, but I’d like to have one named after me.

Photo courtesy of Holy Cross.
Officer Gracie, reporting for duty!

Campus Activities: Chasing every leaf on campus

Favorite Sports Team: Professional: Patriots. Holy Cross: I had a great time with the HC Women’s Rugby team. They even put me in a picture with them.

Item on HC Bucket List: Graduate with an honorary degree someday

Biggest HC Regret: Not getting here sooner

Embarrassing HC Moment: Not realizing that my reflection isn’t another dog

Bragging Rights: I can “sit” almost every time my handler asks me to.

Words to live by: A sign from Swiss Ridge Kennels: “Advice from a dog: Greet your friends like they are the most important people in the world. Be loyal! Protect your family. If it’s something you want, chase it!”

One thing you would change at HC: Why are there so many hills?!!!

Favorite Movie: Gonna see my first movie this weekend at one of my handlers’ houses!!

Favorite TV Show: Anything that isn’t loud is good for me.

Favorite Book: To chew on…anything. I’m losing my puppy teeth like crazy and chewing helps

Guilty Pleasure: Sticks. If I find them in my yard I’m grabbing them!! Digging and rolling in the dirt, especially after I just got brushed

Some small things that make your day better: Treats, snoozing, belly rubs, the cool floor in Hogan, bonding exercises with my handlers and my office buddies, Barbara and Gail.

Role Model: Keeva, the therapy dog that visits campus every week; one day I’m going to be as well-trained as she is.

Favorite memory at HC: I put my pawprint on the center of the beam of the new building; playing with my handler’s dog in my yard. He was fast.

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