My 4.77 Uber Rating

Ryen Cinski ’22

Opinions Editor

Uber ratings: Such a trivial matter. Yet I am completely and undeniably bothered by the fact that I don’t have a perfect 5-star rating. I ask myself what I possibly could’ve done to deserve my demerits, yet I can never pinpoint the exact moments that knocked me down. In an age of social media and complete internet domination, it makes sense that something like an Uber rating would matter. I wish that this was something that didn’t cause me to voice my disappointment to my friends and then subsequently rack my brain for what I’ve done, but it has been and will continue to be of concern to me.

I consider myself to be polite and very easy to please. I am the type of girl that could get the completely wrong dish at a restaurant and just not say a word. This isn’t because I’m shy or awkward and it isn’t because I’m indifferent. It’s because I just don’t feel the need to cause unnecessary problems. I have been in countless Ubers that have had all kinds of issues, yet I have never given a single rating less than 5 stars. I’ve been yelled at and scolded for buying a pack of waters because I didn’t care to drink the bathroom tap water. I’ve been hurtling down the highway at a speed of at least 30 mph past the speed limit with EDM blasting (I actually gave this man a 5-star rating AND a good music compliment). I’ve been standing at my requested pickup spot waiting and had to track the driver down somewhere down the street or even a street over. Yet despite these small issues, I’ve always given drivers a 5-star rating because I am very easy to please and, more so, I understand that everyone is human, and humans make mistakes.

In each of these rides and all others, I’ve consistently been on time and polite. The only possible flaw that I can think of is that my friends and I might talk a little bit loud on occasion. Still though, I’ve never been rude or belligerent like many other Uber users (no one should be rude to anyone, yet it is something that does happen). Thus, I wonder: Why don’t I have 5 stars? What did I do wrong?

Although this article might seem like someone complaining about something that truly has no impact on their life in any way, I promise (maybe) that it’s more than that. I’d like to take this reflection and use it to remind myself and anyone reading this of a few things: Stop being so hard on yourself about every single minute detail of your life that isn’t perfect. It is so easy to fixate on all the bad things and completely write off the good things. A life spent being pessimistic is a life wasted. You might fail a test, your significant other might leave you, you might drop your full plate of food in the dining hall, and you might have a less than perfect Uber rating. Are any of these things the end of the world though? No. You and I and everyone else have so many things to be proud of and to be happy about. So please, read this and consider the absurdity of worrying about an Uber rating, then consider the absurdity of being negative. Always strive to be your 5-star self and live the 5-star life that you deserve to!

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