Crusader of the Week: Edith Mensah Otabil ’19

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Biology

Campus Activities: SPUD (Big Sister at the Canterbury Elementary School), Students of Color in STEM co-chair, Paxson lab (worm side is the best side), Biology night lab attendant

Favorite Movie: Depends on my mood but Legally Blonde never fails to cheer me up

Favorite song: Any Shania Twain song

Favorite singer/group: Bruno Mars hands down

Favorite color: I love every splash of color and oh, patterns too

Favorite sports team: Chelsea FC

Favorite sports: Soccer

Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: Theological Perspectives on Medical Ethics, Comparative Religions, Montserrat, and Biochemistry II

Favorite Professor: All of them

Favorite ice cream: Cookies & Cream

Item on HC Bucket List: Stargaze on the rooftop of Fenwick

Favorite Food Truck Friday: Jamaica Mi Hungry

Bragging Rights: Survived college without a sip of coffee

Words to live by: A thing for you is never lost

Go to snack: Nature Valley granola bar

Favorite TV Show: Beat Bobby Flay

TV or movie that you refuse to watch: Game of Thrones and Birdbox

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Kimball meal: Rice noodles stirfry made by Andrea

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: It’s a tie between ice chai latte and Oreo milkshake

Favorite spot on campus: Fenwick

Favorite off-campus restaurant: The Boynton

Favorite dessert: Brownie with ice cream

Guilty Pleasure: Watching the Bachelor with friends or strangers! Shoutout to the softball players in Loyola for eventful Monday evenings

Some small things that make your day better: When my friends tag me in memes on social media and a good 20-minute nap time

First thing you do when you wake up: Pray and check the weather for the day

Last thing you do before going to bed: Set my alarm for the next day and say goodnight to my roommate

Dream vacation: Fiji island

Favorite place you have traveled to: Italy

Role-model: My mom

Something you look forward to when you go home: Eating Chinese food and watching tv with my mom

Favorite memory at HC: Last Christmas! My friends and I decorated a bunch of sugar cookies and watched Elf. I laughed so hard I almost cried. It’s one of those wholesome moments I’m going to miss so much after graduation.

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