College Collaborates with Notre Dame to Launch Data Science Degree Program

Sofia Maietta ’19

News Editor

Holy Cross recently announced the creation of a new dual degree program in partnership with the University of Notre Dame which will consist of a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science. Driven by a common commitment to a liberal education in the Catholic tradition, this collaboration aims to help create the next generation of data scientists in a world where job opportunities in the field have skyrocketed. This program aims to educate data scientists who possess the quantitative skills, communication skills, and ethical training for an increasingly demanding field.

A press release on Friday March 29 explained that the program will allow students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts at Holy Cross as an undergraduate, and subsequently take online data science courses through Notre Dame as a senior. Following graduation from Holy Cross, students will continue with Notre Dame’s online program for another year before receiving their graduate degree from the University the following spring.

Notre Dame’s graduate program has been supported by AT&T, and strives to be industry-aligned and focused on developing multifaceted data scientists who possess the skills and know-how which are necessary for professional success in today’s data-driven age. Elliott Visconsi, associate provost and chief academic digital officer at Notre Dame, commented on the joint program, saying, “Integrating online professional-graduate education with an undergraduate liberal arts experience is a new frontier. Notre Dame is thrilled to partner with the College of the Holy Cross to explore innovative educational models, deepen our shared commitments and welcome superbly trained Holy Cross students into the Notre Dame family.”

Margaret Freije, provost and dean at Holy Cross, said, “This partnership helps Holy Cross to expand our curriculum in a high-demand field and connect our liberal arts model with professional graduate training, all while maintaining the deeply residential quality of the undergraduate experience. We are delighted to collaborate with Notre Dame to support our students in achieving their post-graduate goals and to cultivate ‘three-dimensional’ data scientists.”

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  1. Really exciting news! It should be mentioned that this program was created by HC alums— ND professor Elliot Visconti ‘94 and Bob Allard ‘91, founder of ExtensionEngine (tech consulting firm focused on online learning).

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