SGA Begins 2019-2020 Campaign Season

Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor

On February 18, candidates for the highly coveted positions within the Student Government Association presented their ideas and aspiration at the annual Meet the Candidates. Despite speaking to a small crowd, students tried their best to promote their candidacy heading into the elections, which will be open on February 25. This was the first time the Co-President candidates presented their platforms at a school event.

The event, which started at 6:30, featured a podium in front of the bookstore for candidates to deliver their speeches. Few students showed up, with candidates for other positions constituting a majority of the audience.

The first people to speak were those running for class officer positions in ascending order, from youngest to oldest. The Class of 2022 candidates represented a majority of the speakers in this block, producing three candidates for the class presidency as well as multiple people vying for the offices of Treasurer and Secretary.

Current Class of 2022 President Angelo Carbone spoke about the prospects of the first-year election, saying, “I’m looking forward to how this election is going to turn out. I think my experience as President will help me to get things done efficiently next year but, you know, the other two candidates are both capable and I think they’re both great guys. No matter how the election turns out, the class is in good hands. That’s the goal after all, right?”

The picture for the Classes of 2021 and 2020 were significantly clearer, as the former produced only one candidate for each position and the latter put forth only one student who was seeking the presidency.

The most important speeches of the night came in the second block, as the audience was introduced to their options for 2019-2020 Co-Presidents. The first pair to speak was Christian Realbuto and Caroline Babinski. With Babinski completing her semester away, Realbuto presented their resumes as well as their policy objectives in a concise manner.

After his speech, Realbuto spoke about how he believed the night went, stating, “I thought it went well. I’m really appreciative of all the people that we have that came and saw us.”

Additionally, Realbuto laid out his and Babinski’s goals if they are elected, saying, “Our slogan is ‘Committed to Community,’ and we are really just all about hearing from different perspectives, hearing from different voices on campus. Making sure that we hear feedback from as many people as we can.”

He went on to add specific policy objectives from wellness to safety concerns, saying that “A couple of issues we are really looking to implement, with the Field House especially with the whole renovation process, [is] making sure that if we need to purchase new equipment, we do that or move different equipment to different spaces. There’s also a lot of doors and hallways on Easy Street especially that have no swipe for the male floor, so making sure we can get swipes there. Really anything that people have on their minds we are open to, we’re looking forward to hearing from as many people as we can.”

The second team to step up to the podium was Karie Magloire and Matthew Wolfe, with a friend substituting in for Matt due to his completing a semester abroad. Magloire delivered a highly energetic speech, telling the story of her struggles on the Hill while also promoting greater equality and acceptance amongst the Holy Cross community.

Commenting afterwards on her performance, Karie said “I think tonight went great. I think that everything we had to say was very well spoken.”

In the same way that Realbuto restated his position, Magloire offered a direct quote on her and her running mate’s policy objectives: “Our main goal is common ground. We feel as if community is a big part of who we are at Holy Cross, but we haven’t really been doing much about community. I understand that Holy Cross has done a lot for outside work, but we haven’t been fixing what is wrong with us. One of the things that we have noticed over the years is the separation [in Kimball] and how we are always paired against each other and we don’t like that. So we said that as current leaders we would like to lead by examples. Matt, being from a different side of the community, and I, being from a different side of the community, us coming together is just trying to make it one Holy Cross, like our slogan.”

The rest of the night saw a parade of students running for the Senate march up to the podium in an attempt to garner support from those in the audience that were still left. While enthusiasm on the first floor may have been low, there is certainly an exciting race ahead in the Student Government Association.

Photos by Jake Bucci ’21.

Realbuto and Babinski Letter of Intent

To the Members of the Holy Cross Community,

We, Caroline Babinski and Christian Realbuto, are excited to announce our candidacy for co-presidents of the Student Government Association at the College of the Holy Cross. We have both cherished our time at Holy Cross, and as co-presidents, we will strive to continue improving the Holy Cross experience for current and future students alike.

We believe our wide range of campus experiences make us qualified for this position. As first-year students, we both served as executive cabinet interns for the SGA – Caroline for Communications and Christian for Community Relations. During her sophomore year, Caroline served as the Director of Campus and SGA Services, providing her the opportunity to advocate for students with dietary restrictions and maintain the campus shuttle and Safe Ride programs. Caroline has also worked as a Resident Assistant, which gives her strong insight into the needs of residence halls on campus. Moreover, Christian has been a member of the Men’s Swim Team since his first year at Holy Cross, and he plans to use his experience as a student-athlete to be a strong advocate for Holy Cross student-athletes.

In addition to our SGA, Residence Life, and student-athlete experiences, we have also engaged with Holy Cross first-year transition programs. Both of us have been Summer Gateways Orientation Leaders and Christian served as a Pathfinder for the Passport Program through Academic Services and Learning Resources. As participants of study abroad, the New York Semester Program and the Washington, D.C. Semester Program, we are also eager to work with the Center for Career Development, the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World and the Office of Study Abroad to improve access to opportunities for networking and internships for the New York and Washington semester programs – as well as implement student feedback across all programs.

We are extremely proud and fortunate to have participated in these experiences at Holy Cross, and we are confident that these engagements can help us better serve the student body. As co-presidents, we will work with college administrators, students, faculty, alumni and the Greater Worcester community to help build a campus community that is inclusive, respectful and accepting to all. We will advocate for changes in the College’s environmental sustainability practices in both residence halls and dining locations. We want to work with the Office of Residence Life and Housing to explore ways to improve the quality of residence halls and maintain transparency in the off-campus housing application process. We will work to ensure a smooth transition during the Field House renovation process, as it becomes the new Recreation & Wellness Center.

Above all, we are committed to hearing feedback during our campaign, and we welcome ideas or suggestions regarding any issue pertaining to life at Holy Cross. We would be honored to serve the Holy Cross Community to the very best of our abilities, as your SGA co-presidents.


Caroline Babinski and Christian Realbuto /

Wolfe and Magliore Letter of Intent

To the Holy Cross Student Body, SGA Elections Committee, and SGA Judicial Council-

We, Karie L. Magliore and Matthew D. Wolfe, are incredibly excited and proud to announce our candidacy for the Co-Presidents of the College of the Holy Cross Students Government Association.

Our time on the Hill has been unique. Each school year has brought new challenges, but this year, the challenges that have presented themselves to our community have been more appalling than any in recent memory: a heinous LGBTQ+ hate crime, continued anti-LGBTQ+ and racial intolerance, sexual assault, sexual abuse… We find the consistency of copy-and-paste emails from the College administration disappointing, yet campus rhetoric constantly demanding more action from those in charge always comes full-circle, with another email. We are frustrated. This is not our Holy Cross.

But we have seen the resilience of our campus community this year. In times of adversity, we have all come together to fight back and make our opinions heard, from the brave publications of @SexualAssaultOnTheHill, to the ENGAGE Summit, to the #DemandMore sit-in. We believe in the power of student voices.

It is for that reason we declare our candidacy today. We believe that we are well-equipped to act as your Co-Presidents through a combination of what we bring to the tablee, not only with over four years of combined SGA experience, but also from experiences as being an RA, in CASA, and other RSO’s and MSO’s. We believe in our unique identities that we use to define ourselves. Together, we are one team, and are committed to turning our ideas into action for palpable change.

If elected, we will expand the Cabinet and unite with the Senate to work as a team in order to expand the communication between the administration (specifically the Office of Title IX, Counseling Center, Department of Public Safety, and President’s Office) and your elected student representatives to maintain accountability. We will liaise with the Office of Study Abroad to ensure that future participants are not left waiting for a decision weeks past their decision deadline. We will work with the Deans to resolve a number of issues, including increased course capacity and different enrollment times. We will work with Facilities to coordinate a smarter use of Luth for all students during construction, based on student input. We will work directly with Dining to address concerns of a student body hungry past 8:00PM, and to promote a greener campus by replacing plastic containers with a more eco-friendly option. We have ideas for every aspect of campus life. We are ready to take action to make our campus for everyone- for no matter how distinct or eccentric we all are as individuals, we are all Crusaders.

After three incredibly fast years here, we believe it is our turn to leave our mark on Holy Cross for future students. It is a time for change. We, Karie Lee and Matt Wolfe, would be humbled by the opportunity to serve as your Co-Presidents.

We are dreamers, we are believers, and we are achievers. We are One Holy Cross.

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