Boroughs Outlines Multiple New Initiatives to Address Campus Climate

Sofia Maietta ‘19

News Editor

On Wednesday, January 23, Father Boroughs sent a campus-wide email detailing the several initiatives that would be undertaken by faculty, staff, and students alike during the spring semester, and outlining the College’s goals moving forward. To begin his email, Father Boroughs recalled the ENGAGE Summit during which an unprecedented amount of the campus community participated to address the issues facing the Holy Cross community and to develop solutions to these problems while moving forward as a group.

In his list of initiatives, Father Boroughs first mentioned that he would be announcing the membership and the mandates of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Sexual Respect and Conduct planning groups which were made public in December of 2018. Second, he stated that the College would be developing and launching a new website which would go live in late January to early February which would, “track College initiatives and action steps related to campus climate, diversity and inclusion, and sexual respect and conduct.” He added that this website would be updated continually throughout the year. Third, Father Boroughs stated that Holy Cross will be conducting surveys regarding the campus climate, some of which will be contingent on student participation. The student survey will be coming first, while the survey for faculty and staff will be released in the next couple months.

Additionally, there are several offices on campus which have announced their increased availability to students and the campus community as a whole during the spring semester. Dean Murray announced weekly open office hours in addition to a monthly Dean’s Forum. The Department of Public Safety will also host a series of Q&A sessions beginning in February. Moreover, the Title IX Office will be holding weekly open office hours and will continue the listening and information sessions which commenced during the fall semester.

Father Boroughs also encouraged all students to address any concerns they may have through the classroom setting in order to engage with other members of the campus community and to share experiences and viewpoints in order to hopefully come to a common understanding of the issues our community faces and the tactics we can employ to find solutions to these problems.

At the end of the email, Father Boroughs commented, “While we continue this work, our days also will be consumed with our typically rigorous schedule of academic and co-curricular work, community service, practices, retreats, rehearsals and meetings. We will celebrate the accomplishments of our classmates at Academic Conference, in our theaters and in our athletic arenas. We will impact various communities on our campus, in Worcester and beyond. I look forward to living and working alongside you and celebrating this extraordinary community this semester.”

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