Sit-in Comes to a Conclusion, Some Demands Met with Progress on Others

Jackie Cannon ’20


At 5:30 PM on Tuesday, February 5, student leaders of the “Standing Up by Sitting In” protest announced that they would be concluding the sit-in following several meetings with administration.

Members of the College of the Holy Cross Executive team agreed to meet many of the requested demands, which will include Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., president writing an apology letter to the campus community, meetings with Provost and Dean of the College Margaret Freije and members of Professor Dustin’s Montserrat classes, the implementation of protocol for removing honors and awards from faculty, and initiation of the audit of the Title IX office, with input from students on the specific processes and issues in question.

In response to today’s discussions, the College issued the following statement: “Fr. Boroughs and members of his executive team met with students again today, and they had a positive and productive meeting. Both the administration and students have some follow up work to do, but they identified some clear next steps and areas of consensus. We are continuing to work together and feel good about where we are in this important conversation.”

Below is the complete list of the administration’s responses to the original demands.

Official report of discussions with Fr. Boroughs and the executive team from the group of student organizers.

Following this announcement, sit-in organizer Mithra Salmassi ’19 announced that the sit-in would conclude with a final march to the Hoval, with the caveat that students would be back in Fenwick if the administration did not follow through with their “part of the bargain.” Additionally, Salmassi reminded students that the end of the sit-in would not be the end of the discussion regarding issues of sexual assault on campus.

The Spire will continue to report on new developments in this ongoing conversation.

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