Stick Work Has Fallen

Annie Hentschel ’19

Chief Eggplant Editor

In an appalling display of callousness and cruelty, the Stickwork sculpture was barbarically woodchipped on Tuesday, November 27, after having stood tall for over two years. Stickwork, or “Just off the Beaten Track”, is a structure designed by renowned artist Patrick Dougherty and built using the slave labor of the Class of 2020 Montserrat clusters. The structure, mirroring O’Kane and Fenwick’s proud towers, was always meant to be temporary, but many are saddened to see it go.

The student response to the destruction of Stickwork has been overwhelmingly negative. One sophomore called the decision to dismantle the structure “the most mishandled situation the administration has dealt with this fall, by far.”

“I can’t believe they took it down!” said Annie Hentschel, 2019. “What’s next, the Fieldhouse? Is nothing sacred? Might as well just woodchip the Hand of Christ Statue outside of Dinand while we’re destroying campus monuments!”

“The structure was always there when I needed it. Sometimes I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I would need to go to Stickwork. I always felt so relieved once I left,” said one junior.

“I’ve heard rumors that nothing will grow in the dirt where it once stood,” whispered one senior. “Mostly due to the acidity of the soil.”

Public safety was called to break up a student protest the day it was being taken down. Officers needed to physically block emotionally distraught students from throwing themselves into the woodchipper as well.

A memorial service will be held for the beloved structure next semester. Students are invited to bring flowers, candles, air fresheners, and urinal cakes to leave in memoriam.

Photo courtesy of College of the Holy Cross

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