Open House Draws Impressive Crowds

Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor

This past Sunday, the Holy Cross Admissions Office put on its Fall 2018 Open House for prospective students to showcase the college. High schoolers from across the country came to explore the campus as well as the different programs that are offered to Holy Cross students.

In the middle of November, with seniors in the thick of the admission process, the day offered a preview to the many majors, clubs, and organizations that run on campus. The program began at 9:00 a.m. as families arrived. Tables were set up across the entirety of the Hogan Ballroom displaying all the different academic, athletic, and student services.

In Hogan Level 1, a spread of food was offered for all of the prospective students by dining services. In addition to these culinary options, a campus tours table was set up to register prospective families. The level of energy was palpable, as hundreds of visitors zoomed in every direction looking for one event or another.

The expected attendance for the event was 850 pre-registered students, each of which were generally accompanied by family members. According to the Office of Admission, that expected body count for the day is based off of multiplying the registered student count by 2.5. If the number was accurate, this would indicate that over 2,000 people attended the event.

Michael Plourd, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, spoke about the importance of the Fall Open House; “It’s a big day for us, for sure, for a variety of reasons. We have seniors that are going through the application process, so they’re really looking to solidify this as a school they could have at the top of their list or near the top of their list.”

However, high school seniors were certainly not the only prospective students. Mr. Plourd also noted that the event was for targeting underclassmen considering college in the future, saying, “For juniors or sophomores, it’s really the introduction to Holy Cross, so as we all know first impressions really matter, so we are very much trying to put our best foot forward for seniors that are applying as well as juniors and sophomores.” Admission information sessions in the morning were separated for seniors and underclassmen, while the later sessions were mixed between all age groups. All other information sessions, such as financial aid and professions advising, were held in the late afternoon to end the Open House.

While the college admissions process may have ended as many as four years ago for us currently on the hill, the Class of 2023 has not yet been formed. Through events such as the Fall Open House, we open our gates to the future of our school and have the opportunity to show them what it truly means to be a Crusader.

Photo by Katherine Barrette ’21

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