Kimball Takes a Stance on Meat

Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor

On Monday, October 29, the Kimball Main Dining Hall provided a meat free menu in order to promote a healthier style of living. While the day was met with mixed reactions from students, the plan is for this to become a more frequent event.

In an attempt to make people more environmentally conscious of their food choices, all meat was removed from the menu and was supplemented with a vegetarian menu. The program was only instituted in the main dining hall, with locations such as Crossroads and the D’Agostino Cafe serving meat products.

Marty Dudek, the Associate Director of Dining at Holy Cross, stated that the day was inspired by a combination of factors. “We were approached by a group of students from the SGA that were interested in doing a meatless monday,” he said. “It’s been a trend that has been going on at college campuses for a few years now. We had a conversation a couple of years ago about it, we decided not to at that point, but this time we said we would give it a try.”

Along with Holy Cross, other schools that participate in meatless monday include American University, Villanova University, and many more.

However, there was significant push back from the student body. Students were not happy to find no meat in the main dining hall, forcing them to either settle for a vegetarian meal or go to another location on campus.

Marty Dudek recognized the challenge in popularity of the program, saying that “Something we heard through the dining hall today was just ‘Why?’ or, ‘You’ve taken away all our protein today, that’s not a good thing.’ Our dietitian Alyssa is going through and going to mark up the menu, so if we do it again we can have it out there so that people can understand that quinoa is full of protein, because if you only think that you can get protein from animal products then today you think you’re getting no protein.”

Other students fully embraced the program, offering a different viewpoint on the day. Junior Adam Coshal saw the day as a promotion for a vegetarian diet rather than a confiscation of meat products, saying, “I thought meatless Monday was great. It was a nice way for SGA to show that vegan and vegetarian options are accessible in the dinning hall, and it was a great way to show that folks can actually survive with that type of food in them. I feel like people don’t usually think about vegetarian and vegan options as things that are accessible and tasty, so it was a good way to show both options.”

At the end of his interview, Mr. Dudek confirmed that there are plans to continue the program, hopefully even expanding it in the future. While some students viewed the day as problematic, the thing that cannot be disputed is both Dining Services’ and SGA’s successful attempt at improving the lives of the student body.

Photo courtesy of Holy Cross

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