On the Importance of Change

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

The opening to my freshman year at Holy Cross has been replete with excitement and change. Over the summer, I envisioned for myself the paradigm college experience which I wanted to see become fully realized; this included joining every club that caught my interest, attending or participating in nearly every college activity, and striving for academic excellence in all of my classes. I imagined that my collegiate life would differ very little from my time in high school where I had the ability to dedicate myself to a number of different activities while still maintaining my academic standing.

After fall orientation, I felt invigorated to begin my first year of college with a fervor that surpassed any excitement I felt in my high school years. However, as the early stages of the semester began to pass me by, I was met with assignment after assignment which necessitated my whole time and energy. I was unable to participate in the whole horizon of clubs and events that hung over Mount Saint James. At the realization that the opening chapter to my quintessential college career was not blossoming as it should, I was terrified that I had taken a misstep somewhere in my short stint on the Hill.

In reality, I was learning that people, students in particular, cannot place so much stress and levying unto themself and so much worry regarding the creation of the perfect experience. Over time, I grew to realize that it was foolish to expect myself to take part in everything that Holy Cross had to offer, as there is simply too much for one single person to take part in everything.

One of the most valuable things that my first few weeks at Holy Cross has taught me is how crucial it is to be able to welcome change, not as a failure in your preconceived plan, but as a necessary step in forming the best possible experience. Formulating a plan to abide by is a great organizational tool. However, being readily receptive to change can permit your plan to adapt to any new wrinkles that your plan did not account for. By allowing my plan to adapt as I faced challenges, I recognized the time truly had for extracurriculars after allocating time for schoolwork and the importance of not limiting yourself to one idea of an experience.

Change is often met with a commanding trepidation as people are unsure of what to expect. Individuals must feel more approachable to change as it oftentimes brings about positive changes which allow for growth and the needed adjustment of expectations. Change stands as the omnipresent force in society which is everlasting and resistant to all.

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