That’s News To Me

By Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor


Thursday, September 20th:

Berlin, Germany- The German government has approved the sale of advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia as well as multiple other Middle Eastern countries. This is a reverse from previous policy that saw a ban imposed back in January on the sale of weapons to any country involved in the Yemen conflict.

Belfast, Northern Ireland- A woman has appealed a previous court decision that found her guilty for buying abortion pills for her daughter. The purchase, which occured in 2013, is considered a criminal offense under Northern Ireland law. If the appeal fails, the woman may face up to 5 years behind bars.

Friday, September 21st:

London, England- Last Friday, Russian Bombers were intercepted by United Kingdom planes and escorted away from the country. The bombers were not responding to air traffic control, and then directed towards the North Sea.

Monday, September 24th:

Hong Kong, China- Physicist Charles Kao, the man credited with developing the technology that launched the information age, has died at the age of 84. The cause of death was not announced, but Kao had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in 2002.

Kaunas, Lithuania- Pope Francis traveled to Lithuania in order to participate in the annual remembrance for those who died in the Holocaust. In his speech, the Pope warned about future developments of anti-semitism in the world.

Lisbon, Portugal- On Monday, a shipwreck was discovered near the Portuguese shore that dates back almost 400 years. The ship was a trading ship involved heavily in the spice and slave trade.

Tuesday, September 25th:

Nairobi, Kenya- After initially being put under a ban by Kenya’s Film and Classification Board in April, the movie “Rafiki” has finally begun showing in theaters. The film, which is centered around the love of a lesbian couple, has been met with sold out screenings.

Canton, Massachusetts- Dunkin Donuts has announced that it is attempting a rebranding, changing it to “Dunkin.’” This is an attempt to re-focus the towards a more drink-oriented business.


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