Campus Welcomes 869 First-Year Students and 233 Completely Changed Individuals

By London England

A Broad

The College of the Holy Cross welcomed its largest class of incoming first-year students on Move-In Day 2018. The Class of 2022, which consists of 869 of Holy Cross’s finest students, has already proven to be an exciting addition to the student body.

Interestingly enough, another distinct group of mysterious students has also arrived on campus. They reach about 233 in number, and have been spotted coming and going from Williams, Figge, and various off-campus residences. They are enrolled in many senior classes, and despite being completely new to campus, they appear to be friendly with many members of the Class of 2019.

The Eggplant does not believe that this group of students is in any way affiliated with the roughly 233 students who went abroad during the 2017-2018 school year.

No one seems to know exactly where these new students came from, but many present themselves with a certain European flair, more still are completely proficient in a language other than English, and most have an incredibly high alcohol tolerance. The one underlying trait that seems to be tying these eclectic students together is that every single one of them is incredibly #cultured.

The Eggplant managed to obtain statements from a few of these enigmatic strangers. One woman said that “the drinking culture, like, changes you.” “I’m not the same man that I was before Oktoberfest,” reported one student reflectively.  Another man stated that “Instagramming the Cliffs of Moher fundamentally changed me as a human being on all levels.”

The mystery surrounding these students persists. One thing, however, is certain: these students are not the same friends we said goodbye to at the end of sophomore year. They are completely different individuals altogether.

This year will certainly be an exciting one on Mt. St. James with 1,102 brand new people to meet!


Image Courtesy of Rosemont College 


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