Boroughs: I Am the New Mascot

Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.

His Eminence

Crusaders were not in the Crusades. Crusaders were not in the Crusades. Crusaders were not in the Crusades. Repeat after me! Good, thank you. Now that that important business is out of the way:

In seeking to best represent a 21st Century Holy Cross Crusader—one who massacres social injustice, not innocents— the administration has decided that I alone can fulfill the role of mascot. Iggy has gone the way of the dodo, and the Boro Bro is in. As the Holy Cross Crusaders run out to play Lehigh for the 70th time this year (why didn’t we join the Big East again?), I will lead them into battle.

Running ahead of our men and women, no matter the time or place, I will represent what is best about our school. Armed with social justice and environmental awareness or something—not a sword of course—I will pump up the crowd, launch t-shirts, and show off my dance moves. I will also engage in hand-to-hand combat with Lehigh’s Clutch the Mountain Hawk, Bucknell’s Bucky the Bison, and Loyola’s Iggy the Greyhound. Those bastards better be ready.

It has been 71 years since Holy Cross’ last NCAA championship and 32 since Holy Cross football was thrust onto the national stage, but I am confident that my ascension to mascot-hood will give the Crusaders the jolt they need to win some games.

I’ll be honest: I wanted to rid our school of the Crusader moniker. I raised the point multiple times in our Trustees meeting, but was rebuked repeatedly. When the Trustees asked for a potential replacement, I exclaimed, “Why, what about the Holy Cross………….Boroughs?” They erupted in laughter, but stopped when my expression remained stoic. I argued, quite rightly, “The Manhattan College Jaspers are named for a legendary priest, why can’t Holy Cross follow their lead?” What followed was a heated discussion with much name-calling. You could say there was a crusade against this idea, haha.

In the end, this was our compromise. The next generation of Holy Cross students will not know Iggy; they will know Boro Bro as their representative. When Holy Cross returns to the NCAA tournament, I will be there. When the track team goes to the Patriot League Championships, I will be there. When you do your homework, I will be there. In short, I will always be there. Watch your back.

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